Good to Meet You

Award Winning Photographer. Self Taught Business Owner. Educator.

Wife. Mother. Woman.


In eight years of business I’ve become passionate about more than just pretty pictures. I want to see women love themselves. Truly love who they are right now.

In this crazy (but awesome) digital age we are bombarded with picture perfect people, magazine worthy lives, and pinterest perfect weddings - How do we keep up with that?

As women, we see that and strive to do more, to do better, to be more like what we see in those carefully curated feeds.

Suddenly we have a mile long list of ways we aren't good enough, things we need to change or accomplish and everything we already are or have already done falls away.

I believe every one of us have a immense strength and a beauty (even if we don't always see it). I want to give you back the gorgeous, strong superwoman you already are every single day - captured beautifully for you and the people who love you.


I want to work for authenticity, feeling your own strength and beauty (even when the world is not being kind) because if you know your own value then what other people say won’t hold you back for long

You deserve to see yourself the way the people who love you most see you.


  • International Award Winning Photographer

  • International Photography Mentor

  • International Destination Photographer

  • Exhibiting Gallery Artist

  • Published on Wedding Sites including the Wedding Chicks, Love is Love, How He Asked, and more.

  • Published in Magazines including Hitched

Connect with Rebecca

About Rebecca Nash Photography

Established in 2009, Rebecca Nash Photography began purely out of my passion for the arts and finding the one art that has always felt right. No matter what I tried, the only art that allowed me to create my vision and make it visible to others was my photography. (If you’ve ever seen me draw – it’s stick people all the way)

Based on a desire to serve people, celebrate love, and help couples create the foundation of a strong, long lasting marriage – Rebecca Nash Photography has grown to be a high end wedding photography studio that values relationships first and creating award winning imagery that tells real stories to celebrate them.

I pride myself on a dedication to creating memories and a supportive client experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Your Portraits For?

Contemporary Portraits are for every woman, 8 to 80, who wants to look and feel their very best. It’s a chance to take a few hours for yourself, to rediscover your strength and beauty, and to create a beautiful portrait that celebrates who you are.

Where is your Studio?

We are excited to be opening a new space downtown close to our favourite colleagues, some great outdoor locations, and great spots for a night out when you are looking amazing after your session.


You can find us at 425 Dundas St, Second Floor, London, Ontario

Do you work on Location?

Absolutely! For many years I shot exclusively on location for both weddings and portraits. Have somewhere special you really want to create some beautiful images? Give me a call or send off an email and tell me all about it!

Why Are Albums, Folios, and/or Prints so important?

The reason is simple - I believe in preserving memories.


Need a little more than that? I believe in capturing a moment in time. I believe in creating something your can hold and touch. I believe in giving you something that will last longer than your life or mine. I believe in creating heirlooms for today and tomorrow.

Digital photographs are fantastic for sharing (I’m not anti digital) but prints last forever.

When Should I Book?

For weddings I recommend booking 12 to 18 months in advance to make sure your get your first choice photographer for your big day. Missed that? Reach out anyways - if I’m available we can still make sure you have an amazing day!


For Portraits, I recommend 3+ weeks in advance so we can make the time to meet up ahead of time to plan and create the portrait session of your dreams! I love helping clients find just the right wardrobe or even create it for them.

Our Studio

Visits to the studio are by appointment only to ensure we are available and ready to provide you the best service and experience.

The Photographer's Studio

4096 Meadowbrook Ave

Unit 107

London, Ontario