Moments & Memories: Hot pink and 110

Okay, Flashback moment… Think back to the beginning, what was your first camera? The first one I can remember owning was my hot pink 110 film camera. It was long and thin with a square shutter release button on the top. It had a black rubber loop wrist strap. And I loved it! I don’t […]

Behind the Lens: Meaningful Meditation

In this crazy hectic world, it’s hard to find the time to slow down and just be. It’s hard to find the time to centre yourself and find balance. And sadly, sometimes it’s hard to take your eyes off your goals or the things you don’t have to really focus on feeling the gratitude for […]

It’s back! The Etsy shop returns with new art and support for a great cause!

Over a year ago, I bid goodbye to the Rebecca Nash Photography Etsy store and created a store located here on the site.   In retrospect, this was unnecessarily challenging both for setting up and customs to use. So, after some feedback and thought, the Rebecca Nash Photography Etsy store is back!   What will […]

Inspiration Infusion: Wedluxe Magazine


I don’t know what more to say about this magazine. Each new issue is a moment of excitement, indulgence, and luxury. It’s as rich and satisfying to me in so many ways as a beautiful glass of red wine and deliciously rich chocolate. The first time I picked up this magazine I knew it was […]

Behind the Lens: Dreaming of the Someday Studio & Gallery

You Might Say That I'm a Dreamer - John Lennon

  Okay, anyone who knows me knows one thing….I’m a dreamer! I dream big dreams for myself and for the others around me. I do it all day long. Every once in a while though, one of these dreams doesn’t just pass by like daydreams so often do. It sticks. It stays in the back […]

Inspiration Infusion: Jasmine Star

Today I’m thrilled to feature a photographer who I have followed for many years, Jasmine Star! Jasmine is an insanely beautiful photographer, a hugely down to earth woman, and a little quirky to boot! (Any wonder why I like her so much?) One of my favourite quotes from one of Jasmine’s Creative Live workshops can […]

Behind the Lens: D.I.Y. Paper Flower Fun

DIY Paper Flowers - Rebecca Nash Photography - London Ontario

I get some serious inspiration from pinterest and the amazing artists I have the pleasure of being surrounded with here in London. Today’s inspiration comes from the amazing paper artist Laura of 2clvr 4 u designs I recently worked with Laura on a few small pieces for my London Bridal Expo booth decor, and now […]

Come out to get a new perspective on the War of 1812

1812 Perspective from Southern Ontario - Fanshawe Pioneer Village - London, Ontario

  I’m thrilled to have been selected to showcase 4 of my original works from the Windows on the War of 1812 exhibition.

Inspiration Infusion: Junebug Weddings


Junebug Weddings is definitely a one stop whop for wedding photography inspiration.   The beautiful ladies behind Junebug weddings have created something of a masterpiece here. As successful wedding photographers themselves, Christie & Blair have high expectations of their members professionalism and it shows on their gorgeous website. These ladies gather some of the top […]

Moments & Memories: Darkroom Developments

Darkroom - Rebecca Nash Photography - London Ontario

  I am lucky enough to be only one of two people passionate about photography in my household. I get excited about new technology, new lighting, and new posing techniques. They open such a world of possibilities to us all. My spouse on the other hand gets excited about holding a piece of history in […]