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A New Space, A New Chapter

It’s been a few months since we moved out of the Photographer’s Studio and things have been a bit quiet around here. First it was back to school, and now it’s been all about getting in and getting the new space ready.  We’ve spent the last few weeks patching, prepping and painting the walls, replacing…

Time to Kick Some…

  In our busy lives we are always looking to hustle harder and do more. Often we just don’t know where to start. This is where I have found myself lately – so much I want to do.  In my journey to do more, accomplish more, and make things happen I got a little overwhelmed….

Do Something Everyday that Scares You

  Psychologists agree, change is scary. Our bodies and minds react to change in order to keep us safe. To make us think about what we are doing, but, sometimes that reaction can hold you back too. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone to make things happen. To chase our dreams….

Celebrating Moments

In Our home, today is a special day. Today is a celebration. There won’t be a big party, fancy decorations, or a big cake. There will be love, memories, and time spent together.   Today we are celebrating 3 years since we said I do. It’s our wedding anniversary. And some point today, I will…