Contemporary Portraits

Contemporary Portraits

Every woman deserves to look and feel like the strong beautiful woman they are.

To hold in their hands proof of the superwoman they are everyday.

Your portrait session with Rebecca Nash Photography starts with a consultation to personalize your session to meet your contemporary portrait or personal branding needs with a session experience unique to you.

"The most amazing and talented photographer that I could imagine, and I get to call her a dear friend and fierce powerhouse supporter of yours truly. Thank you Rebecca for turning your passion into business through Rebecca Nash Photography and reflecting all the greatness you see in someone back to them. You've changed the way I look at myself, my life, and this world we live in. 

For everyone else who has yet to have the experience of stepping in front of her camera, I highly recommend it. It's an unforgettable experience that may just be the thing you need to change your life around."

- Karla

Portrait Images

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What is included in the session?

Each session includes an in studio makeover with a professional hair and makeup artist for and a styled in studio portrait session for two people.

It also includes a pre-shoot consultation with Rebecca to plan out your dream photo shoot and an in person portrait reveal to view all of your beautiful portraits.

2 – What kind of products do you offer?

Each product has been selected to offer the highest quality materials and highlight your beautiful portraits. Some our most popular products include framed wall portraits and folio boxes.

Not sure yet what you are looking for? Don’t worry, you will get to see each of the products and won’t make any decisions until you see your final images at your in person portrait reveal session. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

3 – How long does a session last?

Your session begins with a 15 minute wardrobe review as we looking through your items and get them setup for success.

From the wardrobe review you’ll head over to the hair and makeup station for hair and makeup with a professional artist. Your Makeover will give you about 1.5 hours of pampering.

You are primped and ready to step in front of the camera. You can expect to spend about an hour and a half in front of the camera (including clothing changes) as we create your stunning portraits.

 4 – This all sounds great but, how much does it cost?

Sessions start at $250. Your Portrait session includes hair and makeup plus a beautiful portrait photo shoot for two people.

Images on the wall start at $ and go up from there.

Folio boxes of matted images start at $900 and go up from there.

The truth is, what you spend is completely up to you and you won’t make any decisions until you see your completed portraits at your in person portrait reveal session.  

5 – How should I prepare for my session?

First of all, take a deep breathe – you are already an amazing, strong and beautiful person. You don’t need much prep at all.

If you want to do a little something you can consider getting a facial a week before, getting a manicure, or treating yourself to your favourite spa treatment.

At your consultation you’ll receive our beauty guide with all our favourite recommendations to really extend the experience and celebrate your beauty.

No matter how you choose to prepare, make sure you book yourself a night out after because you are going to look and feel amazing!

6 – Who should I bring with me?

Bring your best friend. Bring your sister. Bring your mom. Bring your spouse and children.

You can even bring your whole bridal party for a one of a kind bachlorette party.

Who you choose to bring is totally up to you!

7 – How many outfits should I bring? What kinds of things?

I usually recommend bringing 5 different outfits that make you feel beautiful.

Take a look in your closet and pull out things like…

  • That fabulous cocktail dress that you don’t get to wear as much as you’d like
  • Your favourite pair of jeans and that top that just makes your eyes pop
  • Your signature outfit

Can’t find what you want in your wardrobe? Borrow from a friend, treat yourself to something new, or rent something fabulous from Rent Frock Repeat