Frequently Asked Questions

There are always questions when working with someone new. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

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What should I expect if I hire you?

Once we have gotten to know each other, fawned over all the details over your unique wedding day, and signed the contract here’s what you can expect…


* Engagement Portraits – I encourage every couple to do an engagement portrait session with their wedding photographer. This is the best way to get to know their shooting style, their directing style, spend some time getting to know each other more, and get comfortable in front of the camera.

* To hear from me at least once a month – I want to know how the planning is going, what you guys have been up to, and keep learning more about you as people and as a couple. This let’s me give you the best possible service and gives you one less thing to worry about on your wedding day.

* To feel supported – Looking for a vendor and don’t know where to look? Call me! Run into an issue? Call me! Looking for ideas or inspiration? Call me! I may not have the solution to every problem, but I’m hear to help you achieve your goals for the wedding day and enjoy every minute leading up to and on the day of! It’s your day, and I want to help make it perfect for you!

* Little (good) surprises along the way!


Why do you require an in person consultation?

It has been my experience that every session where there isn’t a consultation at least a week ahead the session is less than stellar for my clients.

It’s my job as the photographer to create the stunning artwork for you but also an amazing experience! I want you to walk away knowing the day was a success before seeing a single image.

During the consultation we will spend time collaborating on the concept for the shoot, the location, the wardrobe, and the products you’d like to create for your final artwork as well as getting to know each other. No matter how much I love what I do, if we don’t know each other, if we aren’t comfortable with each other, how can I capture you, your personality and your most fabulous self?


Why do you require an in person Viewing & Ordering Session?

We just had a blast planning and creating the artwork together, now I’m excited to share the resulting artwork with you.

As a lover of photography, I know just how overwhelming it can be to get that online album of images and have to sort through it myself. I have questions. I need advice. I’m wondering what it will look like.

By bringing you in for your viewing and ordering session I can be there to answer questions, help you narrow down the options, and show you what it’s really going to look like.


What’s included in the creative fee?

The creative fee covers initial consultation (and any additional consultations you need), the session, the artwork creation, the viewing and ordering session.

This fee is paying for a dedicated photographic artist and retoucher to dedicate all the time that’s needed to create stunning artwork for you.

(Some places call this a session fee)


Do you require a Deposit?


All session fees or coverage fees are due before the day of photography. The first 50% is due as a non-refundable retainer. This books your sessions day and time, the photographer, the retouching, the consulation, and the viewing and ordering session.

The remaining 50% is due one week before the day of photography.

Why? On the day of your session or wedding day I want to concentrate on giving you an amazing day and creating stunning artwork by focusing on you and my art. I don’t want the day to be sidetracked by paperwork or payments so we get it all out of the way before the shoot.

When it comes to the printed artwork, 50% is due at the time of the order and the final 50% is do at or before pick up. I offer payment plans to make this work so you get everything you want!


Do you offer a Guarantee?

Absolutely! If you are not thrilled with your artwork I will reshoot, retouch, and reprint until you are. At the end of the day it’s my job to create artwork you fall in love with.


Why do you all your packages include printed artwork?

There is nothing, I repeat nothing, worse than spending your time and money on something and never getting to enjoy it.

I want to make sure that the artwork we create bring joy to you, your family, and anyone else you choose to share it with by sending you home with only the best.

If I send you home with just a disc, I have failed you. You go home with the best of intentions (or maybe unsure what you want) and then that disc begins gathering dust. Soon it’s time for another shoot because life has changed, you have changed, so you move forward.

How have you decorated your home? What kind of artwork is on your wall? If you’re like many people, there’s nothing hanging on your walls. A smaller portion have a few pieces that looked kinda nice or had the right colours in it. Why not invest that money instead in an heirloom piece of artwork or wall display designed specifically for you and your home?


Why buy my artwork through you?

Can you print images other place? Absolutely!

At the end of the day you can choose to print your images wherever you like but here’s what you don’t get anywhere else

– Custom designed wall displays created to compliment you, your artwork, and your home

– Archival pieces that will last not only your lifetime but your children’s and grandchildren’s too

– I create and inspect every item personally to make sure it meets my high standards of quality in colour, quality, finish and more. If it’s not right, I won’t stop until it is


Can I just get the files?

Full sets of Digital files are available in the artisan collections but any product purchased in print will also include a facebook copy for your sharing pleasure.

Some collections also include an online album for viewing & sharing (but not downloading).


Do You Offer Payment Plans?

This is brand new but we’re excited to offer new options to pay for your products and services in 2 payments, 4 payments, or even up to 12 payments. Payments can be made by cheque, paypal, or credit card. Custom plans can be created!


All services must be paid off before they occur. Products must be paid in full before pick up. If purchasing multiple products, all products can be picked up when they are all paid in full or pick up individual items as they are paid off.


Do you Charge Travel Fees?

Travel fees will be applied to shoots outside of a 100km radius of London, Ontario. This allows me to book the time needed to get to the location, scout it out, and get home.


Shoots more than 100km outside London, Ontario will also be subject to travel fees including accommodations & meals. This is both for the health and safety of the photographer but also because an exhausted, hungry photographer cannot provide the same standard of artwork and we don’t want anything to compromise your experience and quality of artwork. Please be sure to let me know when and where the shoot will be taking place.


All applicable travel fees will be present at the time of the contract signing.



Don’t see your question answered? Contact me at 226-973-7115 or and I’ll be more than happy to answer all your London wedding Photography questions (plus some that aren’t photography related at all – I love to help whenever I can!)

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