So here you are on another photographer’s website. It’s likely not the first that you have been on today and it’s starting to blur together a little. Honestly, at this point if you are anything like I was, as you get down to making decisions about your vendors, your wedding day style and more it’s all getting a little overwhelming at times.


I know the feeling. When I was planning my fall 2014 wedding day I was a huge mixture of excitement and nerves. I was excited to start my life as Mrs Emerson but picking just the right people to make our celebration happening…holy pressure!


Can you relate? That feeling…It’s there in the pit of your stomach as you walk into the bridal show or as you open up your planning binder to figure out what needs to be done next. Your stomach turns. Your palms start to sweat. You don’t even know where to start.


How did something so exciting become so overwhelming?


Stop! Take a deep breath…it’s all going to be okay right? Wrong! It’s not going to be okay, it’s going to be amazing! It’s your wedding day after all – you are going to walk down the aisle, say I do, and start the rest of your life together with a celebration with all the people who mean the most to you.


Think about this for a moment… you have already found someone you love. Someone who loves you back. Someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, and that’s exactly what they want too!

That’s the hard part – finding the right person, the rest – the flowers, the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, the flavor of cake – it’s all details of the celebration. You’ve spent years finding just the right person who understands you, who loves you, whose personality compliments yours. This is a fairy tale and you are the princess!


This is the day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl – and believe me, it’s going to be everything you dreamed of and so much more but, I have to ask, have you thought about your photography? I mean really thought about it.


A wedding photographer is NOT one of the things we dream about but it should be. Why?

  1. Your Wedding Photographer is the one wedding professional you are going to spend the most time communicating with leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself. They can make or break your wedding experience.
  2. The artwork your photographer creates – whether printed, digital or otherwise – is the only thing you will have left when the big day is done. It’s the one thing you will have to share the story of your day from now on.


So, knowing that – close your eyes for a moment and picture the perfect photographer for you.

What are they like? What do their photos look like? Where are you going to showcase them?

Need some help figuring out what you should be looking at before you book your photographer?

Get Your Copy of '4 P's of Choosing a Wedding Photographer'


When you look back on the day your family began, what will you remember?

Will you pull out the album that has been tucked in the bottom of the closet? Will you be searching for the USB of images you are pretty sure you saw in this drawer last month?

Your love deserves so much more!

Together you are creating a life, but before that new life begins you are celebrating who you are, who he is, and who you are as a couple in a day filled with love, with laughter, and everyone and everything that matters most to both of you. Who will you trust to capture this moment in time? To create the artwork that will be on display in your home as a testament to the celebration and a reminder of all the reason you fell in love?  


Rebecca Nash Photography is Full Service Wedding Photography Studio.

With a dedication to providing personal service, you are always working with the owner of the company from first consultation through the selection and delivery of your final artwork.

Collections start at $2499 and include an engagement session, plenty of time on your wedding day  as well as options for custom designed albums, high resolution jpegs, DVD slideshows and more.

Book your complimentary in person consultation now! Call 226-973-7115 or email to book your consultation.

“Where to start? Rebecca has not only captured some of our lives greatest moments, but she's truly become a great friend to us. She was there to shoot our engagement photos, the beautiful St Thomas Train Station. They were absolutely gorgeous and captured our relationships perfectly. I couldn't wait to work with her further. We chose Rebecca to capture our engagement and wedding photos because her work and different ways of displaying her artwork stood out to us and we knew she was right for us. Also the value of her packages are phenomenal.  The next time we got to work with her was when she took our sons newborn photos. He was born two months premature so we didn't get to shoot them until he was almost three months old, yet she captured the newborn look and feel so well. She had so many cute and creative ideas for the shoot, we truly love the photos.
Finally, the big day came and wow did Rebecca ever deliver. Our wedding pictures are flawless. She got all of the shots we wanted and more. To this day I still sit and stare at them and my heart skips a beat at their beauty.
Rebecca is truly an amazing person, photographer and friend. Her attention to detail and perfection are so crucial in the success of her photography skills, also her dedication to learning and expanding her knowledge in the field. She is constantly looking at ways to improve herself and her business.
Rebecca is someone you want in your corner not only as a photographer capturing those lifetime memories but as a friend supporting you through life's crazy ride.
Thank you tremendously for capturing my lifetime of memories.”

- Courtney



Frequently Asked Questions


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What does a ‘full service’ wedding photography studio mean?

It means I am hear for you every single step of the way. Here’s just a little about what you can expect working with Rebecca Nash Photography:

Consultation – This in person consultation isn’t about me, it’s about you. This is when I get to learn all about your love story and your wedding day dreams.

(Of course we’ll take a few minutes to look at products, packages, and to answer questions but that’s not what it’s all about.)

Engagement Session – This is a great time for us to get to know each other better, to get comfortable in front of the camera, and to create some killer artwork of who you are together (cause let’s face it, I sure don’t wear my wedding gown every day and I’m guessing you don’t either). This is a great time to try out a different location, a different look, even a different season from your wedding to tell the full story.

Wedding Day – This is when all the time you put into finding the right photographer for your day really pays off! It’s time to make dreams come true and to celebrate this AMAZING moment in your relationship with artwork that you will treasure. That will take you back to that moment you said I do and the way it felt.

Image reveal & Sales Session – crack open the bubbly! It’s time to celebrate. To celebrate the moments, to share the memories, and to reveal the artwork we created. Even better, I am here to help you find the best way to showcase the moments and memories that mean the most to you in the artwork that will decorate your home, and the album that will become your first family heirloom.

How long till I see my proofs? How will I see them?

Images are ready in 30 days or less. I know that waiting can be the hardest part so you can be sure that you will hear from me as soon as your images are ready. This is just one of the reasons I just love having couples (and their families too) into the studio for an image reveal and sales session.

It’s an opportunity to catch up, to relive the moments of your amazing day, and to work together to create the perfect collection of heirloom quality artwork to celebrate the first day of your happily ever after.

Find answers to even more questions here!