10 things you should ask your Wedding Photographer - Part 2

Part Two of the answers to my list of questions I encourage all couples to ask their wedding photographer before the wedding day to ensure a smoother day of! If you missed the start of this post look back to Monday for the first five questions. 6. How many meetings and/or consultations are included? If we exceed the number included are there fees involved, and if so how much are they?

At Rebecca Nash Photography we don’t limit the number of consultations included. Every wedding has different needs. Some require only a brief consultation at the beginning while others may need more consultations due to special requests, family/wedding party involvement, and cultural traditions. Our goal is to make the day as smooth as possible and work out all details beforehand between in person, telephone, and by email.

7. Who chooses the photos, sizes, layouts etc. for print packages and albums?

It’s your wedding, you choose how you want it to remembered. After the wedding has passed all couples are invited into the studio for an image viewing session and this is when we begin to discus print and album options that suit your needs.

8. Who is responsible for contacting venues & officiants about any requirements or requests regarding photography?

If the couple would like to take the opportunity to discuss any requests with the venue, officiant, or any other vendor this is fantastic but if the couple would like to provide us with the information we are more than happy to contact your vendors and get all the relevant information for you. You have enough things to worry about for your big day.

9. What are their expectations on the day of? (dinner? time for portraits? Etc)

We are always willing to work around any requests or schedules provided by the couple. It is your day after all. At the average wedding we ask to have 1hour for family portraits (though they can usually be completed in 20-30mins depending on the size of the family) and 1hour for portraits of the wedding party and the couple. Sometimes photos are completed before the ceremony, between the ceremony and reception or even during quiet moments during the reception. It’s really up to you. Typically any wedding in which we are asked to stay beyond 7pm - we do request either dinner or a dinner break be provided. I wish I was superwoman but I’m just human too!

10. How do you feel about and deal with guests or family members taking photos during the ceremony as well as portraits?

These are your guests and they are always welcome. I understand that they want to have beautiful photos of the day but I also understand I have a job to do too. I find the best compromise is to get everyone organized, give the guests a few moments to take photos without me in the way, and then step in to do my job and get the shots you will want to remember.