Wedding Style Inspiration for the Fall Bride

Wedding Style Inspiration for the Fall Bride

This fall I had the absolutely honour and pleasure of working with some very talented London Wedding Professionals to bring to life a beautiful fall themed bridal session.

Some of my favourite parts - the pop of colour in the flowers, the beautiful simplicity of the cake, and the way mixed metal tones added a little bit of shine to all the details.

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Wrapping it Up - Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Wrapping it Up - Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Over the last five weeks we have talked about some of the most important factors in choosing your wedding photographer including their portfolio, products, pricing and personality.

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding day and you need to make the choice that is right for you.

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Personality - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 4)

Personality - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 4)

Have you thought about how much time you will spend with your wedding photographer? 8, 10, or more hours on one of the most important, hectic, (and sometimes stressful) days of your life.

Let’s chat about how your photographer’s personality factors into the decision.

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Pricing - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 3)

Pricing  - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 3)

Join me today for part three of choosing your wedding photographer.

They say the hardest thing to talk about in a relationship is money, but, when you are planning a wedding it seems there are a lot of these conversations.

How much should your wedding photography cost? There’s not right answer but let’s chat about the things you should consider.

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Products - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 2)

Products - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 2)

Do your love a wedding album that uses your photographers to tell the love story?

Do you have a space on your wall just waiting for the perfect image?

Let’s chat about a few of the options for amazing digital and physical products your photographer might offer for your wedding photographs

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Portfolio - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 1)

Portfolio - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Part 1)

This week we are talking about the photos. What is your wedding photography style?

Do you like light and bright or darker and dramatic? Do you like a perfectly posed image or something with a little more movement? There’s no right or wrong answer but the answers will help you find the wedding photographer with the right portfolio for you.

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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Have you ever wondered how to choose your wedding photographer? London, Ontario Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash is here to walk you through the four most important parts of choosing the wedding photographer who is the best fit for you!

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Thank You - London Bridal Expo Jan 2018

This weekend was one of our crazy busiest weekends of the year as we spent the weekend meeting amazing brides, catching up with awesome wedding vendors, and just generally having an awesome time at the London Bridal Expo.

Thank you to all the brides, grooms, moms, bridesmaids, friends, and wedding professionals who stopped by to say hello. Congrats to Angela B who won a portrait session and 16"x24" Gallery Wrap! 2018 is looking like an amazing year of working with couples who overflow with love as they celebrate their weddings, helping business babes rock their personal brand, and celebrating with women who are ready to see themselves differently while sharing their stories of beauty and strength in the Beauty Is Project.

Why printed photos excite me in a way that digitals never do

This post has been on my mind for quite a while but I kept putting it off for one reason, I am hugely passionate about this topic and just didn't know where to even start.  

As a photographer, you don't have to convince me the importance of an image. It's a moment captured in time. It's a person captured just as they all for all time. It's a memory that you can see, that you can share. If you have ever had a photo taken or taken photos of any sort yourself, you already know there is magic there. 

Ornate vintage white picture frame with portrait

Where things seem to get muddy is what to do with them after they are taken. 


Today i'm here to beg you, please please PLEASE don't let your memories grow up to be jpegs. 


The point of a beautiful photograph (whether a portrait, a beautiful landscape, or photographs of the moment you said I do) is to enjoy it. To let them transport you to another place an time. It's a reminder of something (or someone) pretty awesome in your life. You need to be able to touch it, to hold it, and to cherish it every time you see it hanging on the wall or open the pages of an album to it.  


There's nothing like holding in your hand a moment that has forever changed you. Tangible proof right there of beauty, strength, and love. Printed images are just more real, more relevant, and more valued. 

Black Leather Portfolio with Portraits in White Mats

On another note...

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to grab a quick snapshot of a special moment. We take a million photos today on our phones and cameras to remember a moment or share with someone who isn't there to see it. It's amazing!


The question is...What about when you upgrade your phone? What about when your laptop dies? What happens when your hard drive doesn't work? What happens when you no longer have a way to read that disc of images? 


So many people are losing years, decades even, of important memories in the blink of an eye. We can't let that happen anymore. Why?


If we don't start printing our images, We risk becoming a missing or forgotten generation.


If we don't start printing our photos (and labeling them) we will become the generation that is missing from the history books not just in classrooms, but in our families too. Our children will look back on who we were, and won't have anything to look back and remember us. Our Grandchildren may never believe we were ever young. They won't know who were were, what we did, who we loved.

So please, print your most precious images. Frame them. Put them in an album. Create a special place for them. Make them a part of your life today, and a part of your legacy for tomorrow.

White Leather Frame Folio Box with Portraits in White Mats

Wedding Songs from the 80's and 90's in Country Music

I grew up in a small town in Southern Ontario and you could bet that if the Radio was one, it was on Country.  That was the music I grew up on and, after a trip down memory lane on youtube this afternoon, I blame country music of the late 1980's and the 1990's coupled with Disney Movies & Classic Literature for turning me into a hopeless romantic through and through.

Today I wanted to share with you a few song from that day that might bring back a few memories for some and would fit into any wedding ceremony or first dance.



I Do (Cherish You) by Mark Wills


I Swear by John Michael Montgomery


I Love the Way You Love by Calvin Charles


You Won't Ever Be Lonely by Andy Griggs


It's Your Love by Faith Hill & Tim McGraw


I Do by Paul Brandt


Oh gosh....I could keep going on and many oldies but goodies

Did you listen to Country in the late 80's and the 90's? What were some of your favourites?


Sneak peek - Forest City National Wedding - Courtney & Josh Thuss

CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent1628  

When you first meet Courtney & Josh, you could mistake them for just another couple but let me tell you, once you start to get to know them it quickly becomes obvious that these two have already weathered ups and downs along the way to stand where they are today.


Where they stand today is together, along with their beautiful son's, in love and ready to start the next chapter in their lives together as husband and wife.


CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent1268


I was fortunate enough to meet Courtney & Josh in January 2015 after Courtney and her Mom Sherry visited the London Bridal Expo. It was there that Courtney and I chatted about her wedding day dreams and our friendship began.


It's always an honour to work with a couple on something so close to their hearts, but to meet someone like Courtney and Josh who were willing to open up and share not only their wedding day but their families is just a dream come true! From our first consultation through engagement portraits (check that post out here), the arrival of Braedyn and on to their emotional wedding day I can honestly say I have loved every moment of working with these two.


Please join me in welcoming Courtney & Josh to share a little more about their story today in their own words.




We met through a mutual friend, than again at cowboys one night where I dismissed him because I was having a girls night! So mean, haha, we didn’t talk for a few weeks after that until I reached out to him because I realized he could be a great guy and sure enough he is!
  CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent257


Courtney- I knew Josh was the one within a few weeks of us dating, I just had this feeling about him that I had never felt before. He made me giddy and excited about life. When we weren’t together I missed him terribly, to the point where we started basically living together after a few months of dating. Also a big point when I realized I wanted to marry this man was seeing him with his son, he is a great father.
Josh- There was stages for me, I knew that she was the one not only for me but also my son Xavier, how she chose to love him like her own and deal with all the other logistics of being a step-mother. I love how she stands by me no matter what, that was when I knew I wanted her in my life forever, we had numerous conversations about life and what we wanted out of it but it wasn’t until I took a step back and realized she was all I wanted, and I could stop looking, on that day I went and bought her ring and proposed to her.
CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent343



Courtney- Ahh, there is so many things, it is hard to narrow it down to just one. I would have to say my favourite thing about him is how hard he works to make me happy and express his love for me. His eyes are also pretty killer.
Josh- Again, there is so many things I love about her. I can’t narrow it down to one, I love her willingness and drive to fight for what she believes is right, it takes so much strength and courage to be a step-mother and go through the things we have together. I also melt when she holds my hand, kisses me, and her laugh is absolutely adorable.
CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent390




Courtney- He always makes the funniest noises and faces to make our sons laugh and it melts my heart.
Josh- She does lots of things that she thinks are hilarious, and laughs aimlessly at herself, but I don't think they are as funny as she does.
CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent402


Courtney- I didn't see it coming, I was so excited, nervous, and I cried like a baby, I couldn't wait to tell our families and start planning our lives together.
Josh- I planned it for about a month, I was super nervous but once it was over I couldn't have been happier.
CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent1569


Courtney- Celebrating with friends and family and of course wearing my beautiful dress, and of course seeing if Josh cried when I walked down the aisle!(he did)
Josh- Seeing Courtney walk down the aisle, getting to hold and kiss Courtney as her husband and celebrating with everyone.
CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent1315

Uniqueness, veering away from the traditional weddings

Courtney's love for everything nautical!
CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent1458

MAKE LISTS! It makes it so much easier and way less stressful to be able to look at a list and physically check the to-do's off.
CourtneyAnd Josh DayOfEvent1578



Photographer - Rebecca Nash Photography
Grandma's Oven - Cake Bakery
Demetrios - Dress Designer
L.O.V.E Wedding & Music Service - DJ or Band
Adam Hicks - Videographer
Moore's - Tux Rentals
Esteem Artistry: Catherine Krahn- Bridal Party Make-up
Studio Couture- Bridal Party Hair
Lamplighter Inn- Getting ready location
Maeve Armstrong(All Seasons)- Officiant
Safa Tailors- Bride's Alterations
Ben Moss- Engagement Ring
People's- Wedding Bands
Check out this sneak peek of the same day slideshow presented at their reception that brought them both to tears.

It's Ready, It's Ready, it's *FINALLY* Ready

As I began to write this post today to promote the launch of a great little resource for brides who are choosing their wedding photographer, the first thing that popped into my mind as I typed the title " It's Ready, It's Ready, it's *FINALLY* Ready " was...and even though I spent so much time on it, I just know someone is going to find a mistake in it. (Hello Fear my old friend - we'll talk about you another day) but for now it's onwards.  

I am pleased to present to you for the first time anywhere...The 4 P's of Choosing you Wedding Photographer!

4P's Guide - Cover

This guide will walk you through the four most important things you should look for in a photographer and what they really mean. Best of all it's 100% FREE!


In 2014, I walked down the aisle and married the man I loved. Even after 5 years as a professional photographer the task of finding the right photographer for our big day was overwhelming. Obviously I wanted beautiful images but what else did I need?


After months of planning and a day I will never forget I am proud to add the title of wife or Mrs Emerson to my picture of who I am. I was also filled with a desire to help brides like me who knew what they wanted (great photographers and an even better experience) but don't really know where to start, what to ask, and how to know if this is the right photographer. After months of percolating the ideas in my mind and trying to put into words some sensible advice - the 4 P's of Choosing your Photographer is ready for you.


The reality is, there is a perfect photographer out there for every bride but as I'm not the photographer for every bride. Better yet - that's totally okay! I don't take any offence. I want you to love your photographs. I want you to think back on the experience of creating them with joy (and maybe a little laughter). I want you to find your perfect photographer and have the wedding of your dreams!


Ready to get started on your search? Just sign up below to get your free guide!

4P's Guide - Inside Page


Was this an eye opener? Tell me what helped you the most. Still have questions? Drop them in the comments or email them to and I would love to answer them for you!

London Gold, Navy & White Wedding Inspiration at the Delta London Armouries

It was a gorgeous day and the excitement was palpable as a group of creatives from the London Wedding Professionals gathered at the Delta London Armouries to create a day of inspiration for local London brides in a glamorous ballroom wedding dripping in glitz and stemming from a classic colour palette of navy, gold and white.  

Our number one goal - to show a ballroom wedding can still be fun, modern and unique. With the help of an amazing team of wedding professionals I think we created something beautiful! (Yes, I'm totally in love with this shoot and hope you love it too!)

 London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography Weddings (4 of 8)

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography Weddings (7 of 8)

London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography Weddings (5 of 8)



We were thrilled to have this shoot featured in, and on the cover of the Luxury Edition of Hitched Wedding Magazine. Check out some of the featured images below.




Creative Team:

Models - Melissa & Devin

Venue - Delta London Armouries

Dress & Accessories - Once Upon a Time Weddings

Hair & Makeup - Selah Vie Hair & Makeup

Florals - Graceful Petals

Cake - Bright Eyes Bakery

Stationary - Quaint Paper Co.

Co-ordination & Styling - Unmistakably You Boutique Wedding Co-ordination

Decor Rentals - Signature Event Rentals & Unmistakably You

Creative Director & Photography - Rebecca Nash Photography


Thank you to the whole creative team for an amazing job. I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for all of us!


Yours Enthusiastically,

Rebecca Signature

Join us at the London Bridal Expo

Are you newly engaged? Know someone who is? (Or are just awesome and want to stop by and say hello?)


Join Me (Rebecca) and a ton of amazing vendors and London Wedding Professionals at the Winter London Bridal Expo!

This is the one stop that can help the newly engaged get inspired and really kickstart your wedding planning while helping other brides tick off some of the last few things on their to do list.


I'm always excited to be a part of the London Bridal Expo because...

  1. I know I am surrounded with fabulous vendors who have a passion for weddings just like me!
  2. I get to spend my day chatting with fabulous brides about their proposals, their wedding dreams, and so much more
  3. There are always the best people there and the energy & excitement is amazing!
  4. And I always love find and sharing inspiration with other brides and vendors alike.


Are you ready to join us? Good! Here's all the details...


London Bridal Expo

January 9th & 10th

11:00am - 5:00pm

Western Fairgrounds - Agriplex

Tickets Available at the door

I can't wait to see you there!

Yours Enthusiastically,

Rebecca Signature

Excited to Announce - coming to the Kawartha's

I`m so excited to be heading back to a place that means so much to me.  

The Kawartha`s were one of my favourite places to live with summers working at Lockside Trading, Tim Hortons in Lakefield, and Lovesick Lake Cafe, Gift Shop & Campground in Burleigh Falls as a teenager. After moving away for school, life led me back to the Kawartha`s for the birth of my daughter, my return to college, and a new path in life in Ennismore & Bridgenorth but, I`m getting caught up reminiscing.


What I`m really here to announce is....I`m coming back!


I am so excited to be adding the amazing Kawartha`s to my photography sweet spots and what better way to kick things off then coming to see some fabulous brides at the upcoming bridal shows!


Join me...


Friday Jan 15th


Kawartha Wedding Trends Show

Lindsay Armoury

210 Kent St. W., Lindsay, On


Sunday January 24th

11:00am - 4:00pm

Peterborough Wedding Trends Show

Peterborough Memorial Centre 151 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON K9J 1Y4

Just in case you haven't heard - Bridal Shows are the one and only place to take advantage of a special discount on your wedding day photography and heirloom products. You don't want to miss it!

Yours Enthusiastically,

Rebecca Signature

Inspired By Paper

When your wedding day is approaching, there is a lot of planning to do. How will you make the day your own?  

Enter 2 Clvr Designs! Laura has taken a wedding day staple and turned it into a work of art with endless possibilities. Today's featured wedding inspiration comes from an idea brought to life by a talented local London paper artist and a team of London Wedding Professionals collaborating.


Here are a few of my personal favs, I hope you love them too!

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (19 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (17 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (16 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (15 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (12 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (11 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (10 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (7 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (6 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (5 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (4 of 19)

PaperInspiredNavyAndGoldWedding - London Wedding Photographer Rebecca Nash Photography (3 of 19)

Huge thank you to the amazing Creative Team including:

Florals - 2 Clvr Designs

Hair & Makeup - Selah Vie Hair & Makeup Artistry

Gown - Once Upon A Time Weddings

Stationary - Quaint Paper Co.

Co-ordination - Unmistakably You Boutique Wedding Planning

Model - Leanne Roy

Photography - Rebecca Nash Photography


                                                           Yours Enthusiastically,

Rebecca Signature

Patzee's Styled Shoots


The summer is always an exciting time for weddings, for photography, and for collaboration with AMAZING local wedding vendors.


On a gorgeous Friday afternoon, together with an amazing team of London Wedding Professionals (listed below - check them out) we created our own bridal inspiration session with a taste of what an elegant but natural outdoor white and ivory wedding day could look like.


Creative Team:

Venue, Florals & Decor - Patzees Floral Scapes

Hair & Makeup - Selah Vie Hair and Makeup Artistry

Bridal Gown and Accessories - Once Upon A Time Weddings



I absolutely love the way classic whites and ivories bring together a sense of something clean, fresh and elegant. The addition of silver, chandeliers, and candle light just take it to a new level of romance.


My favourite part was of course, our stunning model (visiting Canada from the Ukraine) with the beautiful lace overlay of the gown, the femininity of her beautiful updo with soft curls framing her face, and who could forget the classic elegance of her makeup!


These are the kind of days my dreams are filled with!

What is your favourite part of the photos below? Would you ever consider a white and ivory colour palette for your wedding day? Tell me about it in the comments below!


Rebecca Blog Signature


















Graceful Petals

It's always a great pleasure to be able to sit down with local London Wedding Professionals and learn a little more about what they do. Today I'm thrilled to introduce my friend, and talented florist, Sabrina Marghella - Owner of Graceful Petals.  

Tell me about your business

We are a full service florist with a Holistic Twist. We can help you plan all your special occasion floral needs. We carry Fresh and Artificial flowers, Planters ( Dish Gardens), Event Décor and Rentals                 



Tell me a little bit about you

My background is Italian, growing up my Dad was a hard working entrepreneur and inspired me in the person I am today in being a woman business owner. Before I decided to be a florist I was in the food industry with my Mom who was a entrepreneur has well. I found this was not my calling and moved toward the Auto motive factory industry although the money was good I didn't have much stability then asked myself what is always going to be needed? As a child I loved art and crafts even for my Co-up volunteered in a flower shop. At Christmas I would help family and friend by making wreaths and other floral needs. So then I had my answer! I was going back to school to get my floral certificate. My first job placements was Forest of Flowers full time and Michael's crafts store as the assistant florist part time and seasonal help.    



What inspired you to start your business?

I am a single mother of three when I was on my mat leave at the time Forest of flowers was going though a change in franchising the company and feared I didn't have a job to go back to. At that point I decided to open my own flower shop and,  with the Small business centers help, here I am Today Owner of Graceful Petals flowers and more.



What do you do for couples?

I’m thrilled to be creating bouquets and flower displays that bring together the theme, colours and personality of a couple’s wedding day into their decor and so much more!  



Tell me about your favourite part of the job

Seeing the finished product and how happy my clients are.  What could be better?



In their words “ I love the shop. Its beautiful you can find anything for any occasion. Prices are really good and I love the service. I really recommend this place.      When working with a bride and groom my first advice I give is when working with stem dyed flowers the dye can be transferred easily to clothing and damaging wedding dresses. Some flowers do not do well without a water source or in the floral foam.”

- Nancy Arciniegas  



Where can people find you?

Our shop is located at 2- 699 Village Green Ave London, On, N6K 1G6

Call us at 519-204-3228

Or Toll Free at 1-855-204-3228

email us at

Facebook fan page



Google +    



Before we go, is there anything else you would like people to know?  

We also have host events at our store ,teach floral classes, and relaxing Reiki treatment.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.       

Thank you to Sabrina for taking the time to chat with us today and I look forward to many more beautiful bouquets, centrepieces and more from Graceful Petals!


Rebecca Blog Signature

Katy & Cheryl's Heritage Inspired Wedding

The first time I met Katy at a networking night I was struck by her warmth, her energy, and her enthusiasm. She is a woman passionate about what she does and how she can help business owners like me but the moment I remember most was when she mentioned her engagement. Right away I switched to wedding addict mode - if you tell me you are getting married, you have to tell me EVERYTHING! As Katy told me more about her amazing fiance Cheryl, their wedding plans, and little stories of their journey so far I was struck by her sense of humour and the look of love and excitement that came over her as she thought about Cheryl and the day they would be married. I knew right away, this is my kind of girl and my kind of wedding!


One thing that struck me as I spent more with this beautiful couple is their love. The way they speak to each other, the way they laugh together, but even more so, the way they look at each other. You know when they look at each other that the rest of the world fades away a little. It's an amazing thing to witness!


Their wedding day was no different. They put their heart into making it something unique.

Some of my favourite features include:

Family Traditions - Katy's family hails from Scotland and she fittingly walked down the aisle to the sound of bag pipes while Cheryl's family comes from Japan which was honoured both in the outfits of the couple but also in their decor of 1000 paper cranes which the couple had folded together.

Personality - As they said their vows Cheryl promised to always be Katy's logical Leonard while Katy promised to always be the Penny to her Leonard. (And guess who adorned their wedding cake? That's right, a certain Big Bang Theory couple.) With smiles on everyones faces, their attendants walk down the aisle to the theme from Jurassic Park.

Pride - Not only did they fold those 1000 paper cranes but they feature a rainbow of them in place settings, centerpieces, and, my person favourite, arranged to create amazing gay pride rainbows in their arbor for the ceremony and hanging from the railings of their reception. Just gorgeous!

These fabulous ladies brought in elements of their family traditions, personalities, favouite movies/shows, and even a touch of gay pride to create a wedding day that was truly unique!


Now, it gives me great pride to introduce to you my friends Mrs & Mrs Cheryl & Katy Takaoka to share a little more about their love story!


Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6377273

Tell us How you first met? Who What when where why? Give us the dirty details. We were introduced by a mutual friend, Ray (one of Cheryl's attendants). A group of us met up for dinner one night at Joe Kool's and Cheryl and I hit it off right away. After dinner, Cheryl had a birthday party to go to but invited the rest of us to come with her, as it was at a nearby club.

Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6051273

Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6077273

When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?, etc. I knew pretty much right away that Cheryl was someone really special. We have a fairly decent age gap (14 years) and it didn't bother me but Cheryl wasn't so sure at first. I managed to win her over with my amazing good looks and British wit. ;)

Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6202273

Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6390273

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other. Cheryl is incredibly selfless giving. She will do almost anything for the people she cares about, without expecting a thing in return. I love how kind she is.

Cheryl loves my smile and my ability to help her see the forest for the trees when life gets a bit overwhelming for her. Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planing?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?) It was totally NOT romantic, but totally us. :) We'd been talking about the possibility of getting married for a while, but never really decided one way or the other. One afternoon I was skyping with my cousin in Sweden who was getting married that summer and she asked me if we were going to get married. "Someday, eventually," I told her. When we finished our skype chat, I went into the other room to fill Cheryl in on the conversation and I said, "You know, we keep talking about getting married. We should just do it." And Cheryl replied, "Okay." I totally wasn't expecting her to actually say that!! I had to get her to repeat herself! Just then, my phone rang and it was a client who I had been playing phone tag with for a couple days, so I went into my office to take the call. After the call ended I started doing some work and Cheryl called out asking if I was done. I yelled back, "Yeah, what do you want?" LOL! I went back into the other room and she said, "We didn't do this properly." I asked her to clarify. She said we didn't get engaged properly! So I said, "Okay fine, will you marry me?" And she, of course, said yes. :) Then she said something about not having rings. I told her I had a ring that I could give her -- my deceased mother's engagement ring -- but I wasn't sure if she would like it. I showed it to her and she loved it. A couple weeks later we went to get me a ring that complemented my mother's (now Cheryl's).

Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6588273

Besides getting married --‐ what’s the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day? I am looking forward to seeing friends and family. I am not from the London area and my family lives all across Canada and Europe so I rarely see them. My childhood friend from primary school in Scotland is also attending and I am so touched that she is able to make it... I haven't seen her since 2007, the last time I visited Scotland. Cheryl is also excited to visit with her friends and family. Her family is scattered across SW Ontario, Quebec, and more recently BC and Rhode Island.

What inspired your décor or theme? Cheryl is third-generation Japanese-Canadian ('sansei' in Japanese). In Japanese culture there is a tradition called "Senbazuru" which is the folding of 1000 paper cranes. The crane is a symbol of happiness and luck, and 1000 cranes are often folded for weddings. We have folded 1000 cranes and have incorporated them into our decor, in all colours of the Pride Flag. I was born in the UK and have lived in England and Scotland. We are having a bagpiper play some traditional songs during the ceremony, including a song about the area of Scotland I lived in. British brides also carry a horseshoe for good luck, so one of my attendants is lending me a horseshoe charm to wear -- which doubles as my "something borrowed." :)

Takaoka_W_2015untitled shoot20150801DSC_6760273


Photography | Rebecca Nash Photography Ceremony & Reception Venue | The Windermere Manor Bouquet | made by Katy, out of origami Caterer | Windermere Manor Cake Bakery | Chrissy B's Cakes & Catering Dress Designer | Cheryl's sister, Bev Takaoka DJ or Band | Music Central Hair: Wright Hair & Co

Makeup | Katy: Deanna Ronson  / Cheryl: Phyllis Adams

Fascinators | Indigo Daisy Weddings

Bagpiper: Jo-Ann McIntyre-Gladu



Rebecca Blog Signature






Rebecca Nash is the Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind London, Ontario's wedding photography company Rebecca Nash Photography. Her passion is helping London, Ontario couples create art that captures the little moments, the details, and the emotions of their own unique London wedding celebration in a way that allows them to relive those joyous moments everytime they look at them. London Wedding photographer Rebecca Nash Photography has a dedication to providing experience driven service to each and every couple she works with to enhance their London Wedding Photography.

Find out more about London Wedding Photographer Rebecca by visiting the about section!

London Wedding Pro's - Meet Hannah from Selah Vie

It is my pleasure to introduce today Hannah, the creative force behind London's Selah Vie Hair and Makeup Artistry! Hannah and I have recently worked together on a few projects including new portraits for the about me section, and a creative winter woodland bride styled bridal portrait session .

Today I'm thrilled to share a recent interview with Hannah so that you can get to know her better too


Tell me about your business

Selah Vie Hair and Makeup Artistry is a luxury on-location hair and makeup artistry team featuring 14 of the top artists in the London, ON area. We travel within an hour and a half of London, and are able to come to our clients for their big day.


Your Bio

Hanna has been a makeup artist in high demand for the last ten years, most recently being a pro team member for the popular Fancy Face team in Toronto before moving to London, Ontario to start her own company.

Hanna was trained at Aveda in Toronto as a certified makeup expert and quickly became known in the industry for her talent in creating a flawless, glowing, natural finish for her clients. She was asked by Collega, the Canadian distributor for Aveda, to travel and train other makeup artists in Ontario at the different Aveda stores, spas and salons in her signature techniques. She has also been much sought after for film, photoshoots, theatre and fashion shows, having a large repertoire under her belt in each area, however, working with brides has always remained her passion.

She added hair artistry to her makeup skills a few years ago after completing the hair course at Sheridan College in order to to give her clients the full package, making it easier for them to be able to get the complete look they desire from one source. Her talent at hair had her graduate top of her class, and quickly become highly desired by Toronto photographers and brides for her innovative, glamourous and beautiful styles.

When Hanna is not working with her clients, she loves to spend time with her husband and three children, Liam, Lucie and Sophia. She enjoys everything creative and she has spent many years training in theatre, film acting, dancing and singing. She attended York University for the Vocal Performance in Jazz Studies program, and spent some time in her early 20's at the famous New York Film Academy in New York City in the Acting for Film program. Amongst other things, Hanna is also an accomplished visual artist, enjoying drawing, painting and sculpture, but her canvas of choice has always been the faces of her many clients.


What inspired you to start your business?

I've always been an artist, and have always loved weddings, and am a certified wedding coordinator. I realized while interning as a wedding coordinator, that I loved the creative side of things more, and decided to bring my background in makeup and hair together with my love for weddings to form a company that caters to the needs of brides and their bridal parties, helping them look and feel their best for their big day!


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What do you do for brides?

My biggest desire is for my clients to realize how beautiful they are. Everywhere we look, we are bombarded by images of what culture deems "beautiful," and often forget how beautiful we each are in our own unique ways. I love to help a client see herself in a new light, and also help them realize that a lot of what they see in magazines, in movies and on TV are images of women that have been completely made up. When my clients see themselves looking like a million bucks, they can enjoy the red carpet experience too!


Tell me about your favourite part of the job

I love meeting new people.....working with my clients and seeing them light up when they feel beautiful is such a privilege! It's also an honour to share such an important day with my wedding clients.


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Share a testimonial

"Absolutely amazing experience! I had hair and make up done for my bridal shower. Hanna was so patient and understanding as we work through figuring out what looked best. She was also open to changes and ideas!

Most importantly, she is a wonderful individual that strives to make sure her clients feel their best and beautiful. Her attention to detail is outstanding! I'm looking forward for her and her team to work their magic on my wedding day!

Thank you for your work!" - Janet Dang


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Biggest piece of advice you give couples about their weddings (specific to your area of expertise if possible)

Photography, the dress and hair and makeup all go hand in hand. If you have a beautiful gown, you need to match the style with makeup and hair that will stand up to the demands of such a long day, while making you look and feel absolutely gorgeous, as well as work for photography. If you are spending a lot on your photography as well as your dress, choosing the lowest price makeup and hair artists will totally show in your pictures. Choose a pro, and you won't be disappointed!


Where can people find you? 226-224-2505


Anything else you would like people to know?

We are quickly booking up for 2015, so if you are wanting to reserve your wedding date with Selah Vie, book soon! We are also accepting bookings for 2016, and booking in advance is a VERY wise thing to do, so that you have your choice of dates. We look forward to meeting with, and being a part of such a special day for each of our clients!


Thank you to Hannah for taking the time out to join me here today! Go check out More of Hannah's work online at Selah Vie Hair and Makeup Artistry, you'll be happy you did!


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