Adventures in Maine

Last week my daughter and I took off on a road trip to visit a friend, and fellow photographer Melissa Albert of Melissa J Albert Photography in Bath, Maine.  

Melissa and I met in the Spring of 2015 at one of my favourite events...shutterfest. Sadly, thanks to life getting in the way, we haven't been in the same place at the same time since. This girl is a great friend and enthusiastic supporter, she's my shutterfest sister. We talk online almost every day and finally decided enough was enough, it was time for a reunion (and some way over due fun) face to face.


So first thing on Monday morning we hoped in the car with our clothes, cameras, and computers and hit the road for the 12 hour drive. We were so excited to just get there that we only made one pit stop along the way for gas, food, and the washroom. At 8:00pm we arrived to big hugs and a very happy lady.


Our visit was short (only two full days there) and then we were headed home but those two days of visiting cool places, photographing together, and just having fun were amazing!


Thank you Melissa for being all around amazing and for hosting us. I can't wait to return the favour when you get yourself up here to Canada this spring. (Mama's, you are going to want to watch for this announcement - she does amazing children & teen portraits)


Here are a few of my favourite moments from the trip:


Sitting by the water watching the tide roll in


This sea mist was just magical.


Alyssa had to give one of our mentors (and the creator of shutterfest) Sal Cincotta a run for his money on finding the angle and getting an ab workout in.

This fort was just awesome, we had so much fun exploring.




See that gorgeous girl? That's my daughter Alyssa being photographed by Melissa (I even stepped in front of the camera too - more on that to come)


Maine is definitely on my list of places to visit again with my family and with my camera.