Alignment Coach Amy AllChurch (of the Babe Squad) at the Blushing Babes Brunch

Okay, can I just say how much I am loving featuring Local London boss babes who are not just rocking their business but making a difference in the lives of other? Amazing!

Today I’m thrilled to be introducing you to another amazing lady here in London, Ontario. I had an opportunity a few months back to get Amy in front of my camera for a few minutes at the Blushing Babes Brunch and knew I wanted to feature her here.

Amy is the boss babe behind the Babe Squad. I hardly know how to put into word what it is that Amy does, so I’m going to use her words. Beyond being an educator online & off, she’s a wife, a mom, and a seriously amazing person who helps people understand themselves better and reach their goals.

Amy of The Babe Squad

Energetic Business Strategist

Personal Alignment & Human Design Expert

I have had the pleasure of working with Amy in her Align group coaching program in 2018 and it was just amazing! I love the way Amy takes a holistic approach to your success looking at not just business strategy but also how it fits into your life, and how your energetic blocks are showing up in you life and your work.

Amy Allchurch at Blushing Babes Brunch (1 of 2).jpg
Amy Allchurch at Blushing Babes Brunch (2 of 2).jpg

As we moved through Align, Amy introduced me to my new fascination - human design!

If you love personality tests like the Ennegram, you will be amazed with the detailed nature of human design and how it helps you to understand yourself better. (Me, I’m a Manifesting Generator)

Amy helps her babes to find their design and understand it. She helps business owners find their blocks and marry the energy work with business strategy to not only grow their business but to reach their own definition of success that goes far beyond money in the bank.

If you are wanting to maybe changes and start reaching your goals in life or business. Do yourself a favour, go check this gorgeous girl out and join us in the Babe Squad!

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