Behind the Lens: Meaningful Meditation

In this crazy hectic world, it's hard to find the time to slow down and just be. It's hard to find the time to centre yourself and find balance. And sadly, sometimes it's hard to take your eyes off your goals or the things you don't have to really focus on feeling the gratitude for what you do have. Over the last few months you've likely seen photos and posts on social media about meditation, yoga, or gratitude. These are all things I'm working on.


I've discovered the serenity that comes from taking a few short minutes everyday to sit quietly and meditate. Suddenly, I'm more balanced, inspired and efficient in the things I need to do everyday.


I've found myself in the sweaty silence of Savasana in my Moksha Yoga Classes. The silence, the heat, and the practice giving me permission to focus purely on myself with no judgement, no stream of thoughts running through the back of my mind, just noticing my breath and how my body feels. Each time I leave ready to give more of myself to others because I made a little time for myself.


And I've found joy in recognizing the many things I have in my life to be grateful for. When I sit down to journal my intentions for the day and mantra each morning, and to journal my blessings each night, I realize that while many of my goals may still allude me, I have so much to be grateful for every moment of every day.


Now, I'm excited to dive into 100 Days of Happy to continue to cultivate an attitude of gratitude! Join me by signing up at and tagging your #100happydays so we can share all our blessings or follow me on instagram to see all the things making me happy!


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography





London's Rebecca Nash is the London, Ontario based Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind Rebecca Nash Photography. She takes her emotional, elegant, artistic, and whimsical style and applies them to every portrait, wedding, or fine art experience she provides her London, Ontario photography clients.

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