BlogHer 12 Sessions...

Alright, the last few weeks I have been part of a facebook group, and following hashtags on twitter to see what everyone else is up to and excited about for the upcoming BlogHer12 conference in NYC. People are talking about parties, shopping, swag, sponsorship and more. But today I wanted to talk about the sessions I'm attending at the conference and am super excited about! (Don't worry - talk of parties, sponsors, swag and more coming soon) Here's my schedule of sessions I can't wait to attend:

Blogher12 Session Plan


Blographer – Thursday August 2nd

Can't wait for this event hosted by Adorama - Find out more at


Blogher12 – Friday August 3rd

Newbie Breakfast

Welcome & Speed Dating

The Brand – Blogger Connection

Keynote Lunch – Martha Stewart one on one interview with Elisa Camahort

Ten Things You Can Do Now to Maximize your Social Media Expertise

Media Training for Bloggers


Blogher12 – Saturday August 4th


Advanced SEO for Bloggers

When It’s Time to Spend Money to Market Your Work OR V-Logging Bootcamp Pt. 1

Keynote Lunch – Katie Couric & Lisa Stone

Women Influencers as Change Agents Keynote, with Soledad O'Brien, Christy Turlington Burns, and Malaak Compton-Rock

How to Price and Value your Services OR V-Logging Bootcamp Pt. 2


Which sessions are you most excited about? Who is attending some of the same sessions? I would love to connect with some session buddies!