BlogHer12 BlogHop - Introduce yourself!

My friend and fellow artistic mama entrepreneur Shannon of Sweet Stellas is participating in a blog hop today with her roommates for the upcoming BlogHer12 conference in NYC (see her blog here) and I've decided to join in on this week's post - Introduce yourself and your blog so here goes!  

Some of you undoubtedly know me already - My name is Rebecca Nash and I am the owner, founder, photographer, artist and entrepreneur behind Rebecca Nash Photography.

My passion is for connecting with people (and sometimes things) and telling their stories, capturing their memories, and making relationships and emotions visible through the art of photography. My desire is to create a piece of art which can be shared, treasured, and celebrated for years to come!

Outside of work I am blessed to be the Mother of a creative and energetic littles girl, and the better half of a supportive man who shares my passion for photography and art.

(photo by Norman J Wilson Photography)

I'm thrilled to be attending Blog Her this summer in NYC to the point that I started try to pick out clothes almost 2 months ago even though its not til August!


My Blog: Well, it's me writing about photography, great people I meet, being an mompreneur, and things I love as a photographer, entrepreneur and mom! I hope you'll follow along - I love to hear what you think!