BlogHer12 Sponsor Announcement!

It's time for a big announcement! The First sponsor for this August's BlogHer12 Conference in NYC is here. You've seen her before and you'll see her again - it's Shannon of Sweet Stellas!  

Those of you who have followed before have already been introduced to this week's superwoman. As a mom and an artist, Shannon, began Sweet Stella's as a creative outlet while she was off with her young son.


Shannon began a line of beautiful hand created paper products including stationary, party decor, and loot bags. Since the last writing Shannon has had the opportunity to reflect and refocus on the areas which give her the most joy and satisfaction.


I was thrilled to hear her big announcement (click her to read the post) that she was returning to her roots as in abstract painting and scultptured arts.


Shannon creates beautiful works such as this painting "Torrent Sky" (now at home in my office)



She also creates beautiful pieces of sculptured wearable art including necklaces, rings, hair clips and hair bands as seen below.



Shannon has gained a fan following through her fantastic products, warm personality, and high profile celeb gifting including last years Emmy's Celebrity Gifting Suite & Swag Bags, and custom designed gifts for celebs such as Lauren Conrad & Tess Masters. With many others in the pipe line soon - make sure to like Sweet Stella's on facebook and follow on twitter to stay up to date with new celebs announced every Tuesday.


I'm excited to work together with Shannon on items such a a custom journal, ring, hair accessories and more for BlogHer12. Watch for photos from the creative process coming soon!


Take a moment to check out all that Shannon & Sweet Stella's have to offer!





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