BlogHer12: Sponsor Announcement - Mahovlich Personal Training

I'm excited to announce a new BlogHer12 Sponsor... Mahovlich Personal Training might be the new kid on the block but Owner Chad Mahovlich has been in the business for 8 years and now he's taking on one of the biggest challenges of his career...whipping my lazy butt into shape (literally!)

Over the Next 12 weeks Chad and I will be working together to transform my eating habits, fitness routine, and body to give me back more of the health, vitality, and quirky energy that has defined me in the past but escaped me recently.

Check back each month for updated photos, measurements, progress reports, tips, and recipes to help you get yourself in the best possible shape!

In the mean time learn a little more about Chad and Mahovlich Training by connecting online

Website: Facebook: Phone: (519) 520-0348 Email: