Book of the Week! Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories by Glen Johnson

Here we go for another week! I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic Mother’s Day Weekend – It was gorgeous sunny day here the London, Ont. area. We’re here for another book of the week. This week we are switching gears from a more general photography book to a more specific topic, Wedding Photography. I absolutely love everything to do with weddings (okay maybe not everything but pretty darn close). I’m a total romantic and consider it to be a great honour to be involved in any wedding whether it’s as a guest, wedding party member or the official photographer for the day. I admit, I even watched some of the replays of Princess Diana’s wedding and had to sneak a peak at the coverage of the royal wedding just a few weeks ago. But one thing any photographer knows is...there are a lot of wedding photographers out there but if you miss the crucial shots in someone’s wedding day you won’t be one of them for long. Here’s where this book fits in.

I picked up Glen Johnson’s book “Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories” a few months back when I was really gearing up to see what I could do to become a successful wedding photographer. (Note I did not say rich, famous or even popular, just successful as in keeping my couples happy!) Glen’s book walks through all different types of shots, ideas for creativity, the basics of wedding photography, on location or destination weddings, and last but not least the business of wedding photography. This is one of many books sitting on my shelf that inspires my wedding photography work but few include any information on the business of wedding photography. Let’s face it, this is crucial information if you are hoping to pursue wedding photography as a business. You need to know how to create gorgeous images, work with a wide variety of people, situations, and locations, and be able to contribute positively to the couples day to keep your clients happy but if you don’t know the business end you may quickly find yourself out of a job! What does this business section cover you may ask, well, topics include creating a workspace for yourself, your digital workflow, creating you final product, and more. Definitely worth the read, check it out for yourself!