Book of the week: Power Friending by Amber Mac

The past two weeks I have shared with you photography books from my personal collection but today we are going to change gears as I have just finished a fantastic book on social media (cause let’s face it it’s here to stay and I got a lot to learn). Amber Mac’ Power Friending is a fantastic guide to the services and tools available to build a social media strategy without having it take over your entire life. Being able to reach out to people near and far helps you build a business to be successful by meeting a need and Amber makes this manageable by teaching the basic ABC`s of `power friending` giving quite but informative case studies throughout to illustrate the concepts and tools. I also loved the inclusion of a chapter of successes and another of failures to learn from with opinions from other experts and customers alike. Easy to read, informative, and logical. I know I will be referencing this as I work to build a social marketing strategy focused on building relationships and learning from these new friends. If you want to keep learning from Amber follow her on twitter @ambermac and check out her website