Book of the Week - Scott Kelby's Digital Photography Book Vol 1-3

Okay so now that I am out in the community more and more and people are starting to remember me as ‘that photography lady’ I have been asked more than a few times for where to start, books to read, or people to follow online. Over the past few years I have read many articles, attended workshops, participated in webinars, and followed blogs but I always go back to the first books that made it all really make sense. What were these books? Well Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Books Vol. 1, 2, & 3 of course. When I picked up these books I was immediately hooked! Instead of working through a list of photographic terms and technical stats and expecting the reader to know from these definitions how to apply these settings and techniques to their photography Scott walks through the technical aspects by showing through images and describing not the technical details but how and why you use a setting. The ease reading allows you to learn from Scott as if he was a friend next standing next to you saying okay in this situation if you want this kind of picture this is how you do it. Every page includes photos, straightforward text, and information on the tools that will help you get the results you are looking for.

From reading these books I actually began to not just know the definitions but actually know what things like an F-stop, DOF, and exposure compensation do and how to use them. If you are looking for a serious book with all the detailed information of the technical aspects of photography – this is not the book for you, I repeat NOT the book for you. But if you just want to learn how to actually use your camera and create beautiful images in a very comfortable way (and a little fun with random chapter intros) then I encourage you to check out these books.