Wedding Wednesday: Bouquet Ideas

There are so many beautiful bouquet ideas and I wanted to share them all but I just couldn't wait to share these two amazing options with you!
The first one (on the left) well what can I say, I always love a classic all white bouquet! This one takes it a step further with the addition of the beautiful mini frames with photos of loved ones. This is a great way to carry with you people who can't be present to share your wedding day due to time or distance, and to remember those people close to our hearts who have passed before us.
I love that this bride has found some beautiful small frames (check the scrapbooking aisle at your local Micheals Art's and Crafts for possibilities) in the same colour as her flowers, and used black and white photos. You could use classic white, match the colour of your flowers, bridesmaids dresses, or ribbon colour of the stem of your bouquet to create an equally beautiful bouquet.
The second bouquet caught my eye for the colours. As you may have noticed, I'm slightly partial to purple and turquoise (just a little right?). I love the way these colours have been combined in a more muted tone and accented with some green. The inclusion of the peacock feathers is just phenomenal (in my humble opinion). I love this bouquet and could easily see myself carrying something simular someday. Play with the colours too...maybe the muted toned are too muted? Try the brighter shades, really rich shades, or pastels of the turquoise and purple until you find the right combo for you!
Which one of these could you see yourself carrying down the aisle?