Beauty Is...Why this? Why now?

I can still remember the moment that it all sank in. I was looking at my beautiful little girl as I realized how she really felt. She felt unworthy. She felt ugly. She worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. She worried that others didn’t like her. She felt worthless. She felt a burden to others. Whatever happened, if it was in the least bit negative in her mind it was in some way her fault and if it was positive, it was in spite of her not because of her.


My heart broke in that moment. How could such a loving, kind, beautiful, and smart young woman not see her many gifts? How could she not see how loved and cherished she was? How could she think and say such horrible things about my beautiful little girl? Was this my fault?

I knew I needed to do something. If she could feel this way and faily to see her own strength and beauty, how many other women felt this way? How could I help my daughter? How could I help other women like her, like me, that felt this way?

As I looked at the amazing women around me, from 8 to 80 years old, I quickly noticed a pattern. They were so busy trying to be and do more. When did they take time to love who they were right now?

I started with my daughter, my goal was simple. I created a session based on what she told me. I wanted to take her dreams and make them real. We picked out wardrobe. We did her hair and makeup. We photographed her beautifully. We created an afternoon all about her.I wanted her to feel beautiful, loved, and valued. I wanted her to see the beauty and strength I see every day. I wanted to quiet the voices in her head that said she wasn’t enough even just for a few minutes so she could recognize the amazing person she is. Today and every single day.

From that moment on, I knew this was what my heart wanted to do. To create an amazing experience for every woman. To create a space for her to reclaim her own strength and beauty. To help her to love and value herself.

Why I love the 2018 Desire Map Planner (+ a giveaway)

I'm so stoked to share that the 2018 Desire Map Planner Collection is here! It’s a radically different way to plan your day, because it puts your soul on the agenda.


Check out this review I did of the planner and all the reasons I love it.




This planner puts your desires on the map, and helps you plan your days and weeks according to how you most want to feel. The way it should be. Where most day planner systems are straight dates and to do’s, this planner is so much more…it has helped me combine my basics of a planner with my gratitude journal, my desire map, and my bigger goals not just for my business but for my life.


Based on the wildly popular book by Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map, this planner system incorporates your soul and your to-do list; your gratitude and your goals; your deepest desires with your day-to-day. (If you haven't read it yet, you should check out the Desire Map Book and Workbook while you are there)


The 2018 planner comes with two versions, the Daily and Weekly edition, for the any type of planner person:


The DAILY planner for the highly scheduled, detailed thinkers, and awesome A-types who love keeping track of all the big and little things. This planner takes you through the year day by day, with unique soul prompts, scheduling space, #truthbombs, a Stop Doing list (because saying no is revolutionary) and a super condensed list called 3 Things so you can get your most important to-dos done.


The WEEKLY planner is for the big dreamers, Creatives, and entrepreneurs — the planner-types who want a bird’s eye view of their week. This planner takes a look at your week over a two-page spread, so you can plan your week with a bird’s eye view. Sprinkled with prompts for positive declarations and #truthbombs, the weekly spread also has space for your Core Desired Feelings, daily to-do’s, and a list of 3 Things so you can get your most important to-dos done. This planner also has an End of Week Check-in with unique Soul Prompts from Danielle with space for reflecting on life as you move through it week by week.


When you’re clear on how you want to feel, decisions come to you more easily, you’ll know when to say “No” and when to say “Hell, YES!” And then you can put it in writing. That’s what this planner does for me.


You can buy yours today, and start planning the life you’ve always wanted. GET YOURS NOW


Loving the planner? Ready to dive in? Keep Reading!

As an affiliate and member of the 2018 planner launch team (yep - I loved my 2017 planner so much they let me in), I have an weekly planner to give away to one lucky reader. Here's how to enter...

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me something you are grateful for before the end of the day on Sunday September 24th

The winner will be chosen and contacted on Monday Sept 25th.


I can't wait to hear what you are grateful for!


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Have Courage & Be Kind...#motivationmonday


There are no profound new concepts in those words. There is nothing that needs to be deeply contemplated to be understood. Sometimes the biggest, life changing concepts from the simplest words.


Five words.

Five simple words.

Five Simple words that are a guiding principal in my life.


I want to be brave. I want to have courage. I don't want to live afraid. I want to stand up for myself and for others who cannot. I want to pursue my dreams and goals.


I want to be kind. To be generous. To give to others. To care for others. To support others. And to serve others however I can.


For the rest of my life I will try everyday to...

"Have Courage & Be Kind"


Do you have words that inspire you? Words that you want to live by?

Share them below!

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Share a day of styling and a portrait session with someone you care about.


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Jessica & Kevin's Intimate London Wedding

jessicaandkevin-londonwedding1080 The morning started so warm bright and beautiful that it was hard to believe that it was the middle of October here in London, Ontario. It was the perfect setting for Jessica & Kevin's wedding day.


Since I met these two amazing people, I knew this would be a day filled with such a pure love not only from the fabulous bride and groom but from their children and families too.


Now don't get me wrong, these two have weathered many storms together - life hasn't been a fairy tale that moved smoothly to their wedding day and happily ever after (but you would hardly know it seeing them together). You know what though? This journey has made them stronger, together. That's what marriage is.


To me, these two are the very defination of marriage done right.


A strong marriage rarely has two strong people at the same time. It is a husband and wife who take turns being strong for each other in the moments when the other feels weak.

Flower Girl Jillian loved admiring the brides gown and told me how she and Jess were going to be princesses together

jessicaandkevin-londonwedding255 jessicaandkevin-londonwedding1048 jessicaandkevin-londonwedding1252


Now I'm thrilled to turn it over to Jess & Kevin to tell us a little more in their own words


Jessica:We met online!

I knew Kevin was the one when we had our very first meeting. We hugged and he kissed my collarbone. It was as if we were already a couple and he was greeting me after being away for a few weeks. We both knew instantly that we were soulmates. We said I love you within the first week!

J: I love how gentle and loving Kevin is.
K: I love how understanding and empathetic Jessica is.

I knew Kevin was going to propose as we picked my ring together. However, I did not know when he was going to do it. He proposed on the beach, at sunset on Port Franks. Where we went on our very first date. It was magical. I was overjoyed!

The excitement shared with our two children, Aiden and Jillian, over the wedding and marriage.

I wanted it to be simple, but elegant. I did not have a real theme.

To enjoy every second because it happens really fast!
Thank you to Jessica & Kevin for sharing their love story, their wedding day, and their beautiful family!



Still want to see even more? Check out this sneak peek slideshow of images to see a few more

[video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video]



London Wedding Photography - Rebecca Nash Photography

Idlewyld Inn & Spa

Lyric Flowers

Melrose Bakery

Oleg Cassini

Davids Bridal

Hair - Romana at Maria Bikas Salon

Makeup - Alanna @ Makeup Artistry by A


2 Years as a Wife

I can hardly believe Ross and I celebrate two years as husband and wife! This journey has been a learning experience for both of us. From our first date back in August of 2009 to today I would like to think we have grown both as individuals and as a couple. Through the adventures of dating, moving in together, the loss of a job, major health concerns, life of a travelling contractor, engagement, wedding planning and constantly figuring out what our roles were in each others lives and how Ross fit into the life I already had with my daughter Alyssa - it's been an adventure.

Last night we took sometime to celebrate together. Now, I never complain about a chance to get done up and eat great food but, this was so much more. In the craziness of life, our family schedule and his work schedule our time together is precious. Even more so time alone together, sharing something we both love (good food) and having a chance to really reconnect without dishes we should be doing or the TV on in the background. Beyond just being mushy, which of course this post is a little, I wanted to share a few things I have learned about being a partner and a wife.

  1. There will always be differences - they don't really matter that much. What matters is how you handle them. 
  2. Feel like you aren't connecting? There could be a lot of reasons for this - maybe schedules have been busy or one of you has been under more stress than usual? Schedule a date, sit down and interview each other, or take five minutes to sit down and take the 5 Love Languages quiz to see if you are on the same page with how you express and recieve affection. (This can be hugely eye opening and I will be sharing my own experience with this soon)
  3. Take yourself on a date. Yep, thats right, I am telling you to ditch your man and go out on a date with yourself. Plan time to go out and do something that you truly enjoy and show yourself a little love. You will come back to your man a better version of yourself.

Motivation Monday - Unexpected kindness with yourself and others

Unexpected Kindness - Bob Kerrey  

It's that time of year, tomorrow is the big day - Back to School!


Throughout the summer I have been working to make some BIG changes not only in my business but in my life and my habits. For so long I have put my focus on my business, taking care of my family and friends, and helping others in any possible way. I am still passionate about wanting to do this, and more BUT by putting myself last on my priority finally caught up to this past year.


Suddenly I found myself struggling to care for my family, support for my Kindergarten students, or run my business to the fullest.


Over months of work - reading, learning, trying new things - I discovered that while I have always tried to be kind to everyone, there was one person that I never truly extended that kindness and grace to. Myself!


By being kind to myself and giving grace, I can be more of the person I want to be and create change in my life.

I have also realized the power that kindness has. I choose to share a smile with another whenever I can. I choose to believe that everyone around me is doing the best they can in life. I choose to believe in the good in others (and myself).


This year I am focused on...

- keeping my priorities straight

- valuing my own time (and others time too)

- investing in the couples I have the pleasure of meeting and working with (and their marriages)

- focusing on serving my clients and growing my art

- continuing to learn and grow as a business owner, an artist, and a person

- keeping balance between my work, my passion and my home life

- giving back to the community that has supported me (locally, my industry, and you - my amazing online community)


How will you use kindness to create change? Tell me about it below!




Yours Enthusiastically,

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On the road again...

I am so excited to be hitting the road this summer with my camera in one hand and my resistance band in the other as I jump into events for photography and health & fitness along the way (and some much needed R & R too).  

Not all the dates are final yet but I am excited to share that I will be in

  • Ottawa, Ontario Canada (Mid July & Mid August)
  • Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (Late August)
  • Nashville, TN, USA (Late July)
  • Chicago, IL, USA (TBA)
  • St Louis, MO, USA (TBA)


See somewhere on the schedule that you would love to be photographed? Sessions are still available so reach out to me at or hit contact and fill out the form.


Have another location in mind? I love to travel - send me an email and let's make it happen!


Can't wait to see you there!

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