Closet Photographer: Homework Check In

I'm so sorry to say this week we're not diving into new material this week but I wanted to check in with you.  

Last week we talked about Aperture and Depth of field. This week I'm checking in. How did the homework go? I'd love to hear more about what you used, what you tried, and what you learned. Post your answers and some of your photos along the way so we can all learn together. If you haven't pulled out your camera yet, get it out and get playing. It's amazing what you'll learn along the way (sometimes by accident).


This week is just a quick post as unfortunately it's a week of appointments this week. But next week we'll be talking about bokeh (and no it's nothing to do with flowers). So get out, start snapping, stop back next week for the next full issue of the Closet Photographer!