Dear Santa this year I'd like...My Christmas WishList

What’s on my wish list? In my family we have always (and still continue to) created a wishlist to share with the family for holiday gift giving made easy. I am also one of those people who has a mental wish list going in many different areas of my life. This year I have decided to share a few of my top items on my photography list.

• Nikon 85mm F1.4 – beautiful portrait lens! I love working with prime lenses that make me really work the scene to make sure I’m getting the best possible photo

• Nikon GPS Tracker – we’ve all had that photo that we love but can’t remember where we took I can spend more time taking the photo and less time trying to record the info

• Epson P7000 Portable Hard drive/Image Viewer – I have the Epson P3000 but it just doesn’t have enough space for my average shooting

• Apple Ipad 64GB Wi-Fi & 3G – for portfolio/image viewing on the go, contracts, and communicating (sometimes my phone just isn’t big enough)