Family Photographs with Zach Gray of Zach & Jody Photography

The day before our wedding, before the sun was even up, Zach, Matt, yy groom Ross, my daughter Alyssa and I piled into the cars and off we went. Was this exactly how I wanted to spend the morning before my first I would say no, but, the reality is yes!

How could I better celebrate our family together than amazing photographs of us as a couple, us a family, and in a place we love!

(All photographs from Zach & Jody Photography)



While Zach was photographing Ross and I, Matt noticed this moment unfolding as Alyssa watched from beside us. It's one of my favourite photos of my munchkin cause it's just so her!





While Zach (&Matt) were photographing Ross and I under the tree, Alyssa found this leaf with a heart cut out of the centre. Alyssa showed it to Zach and this beautiful image was the result.



This park combined some things that fit us so well. Ross is all about being out in the forest and loves the fall colours. I, on the other hand, am normally a spring girl and water is my thing. This park gave us beautiful fall colours, a small river flowing through it, and even some rocks to climb on. (Brownie points go to my hubby on finding the location and props to Zach and Matt for finding so many ways to utilize this small park.



I could not be more thrilled and can't wait to finish framing these images and get them up on the walls. We walked away with beautiful artwork, time together, and memories that we'll all cherish of this special time.


So what's holding you back from booking your session and how will you exist in photographs?


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