Feeling the Love with a great write up in the Niagara This Week Newspaper

A few weeks back I began sending out Press Releases to all the local London media contacts. After not so much as a peep from them it was suggested I also send press releases to the media back at home. I didn't expect much to come of it as the MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gifting Suite and Swag Bags isn't until June 1st & 2nd. Low and behold - I had a call about my press release within half an hour of pressing send. I was so thrilled to get the call!  

Amanda was awesome - she asked great questions, had a friendly personality and was interested to hear more about other projects in the works (such as the joint art exhibition that will begin touring at the end of the year and has stops in Grimsby already booked). In the end she put together a great little snapshot of what I was up to. I have been anxiously awaiting the final article and was rewarded for dragging my butt out of bed yesterday with a google alert waiting for me to say it was up online (appearing in print this week). I was excited to read it and share it.


Many thanks to Amanda & Niagara this week for taking the time to feature me! It means the world to me! Now I'm eagerly awaiting the hard copy print edition of the article to add to my scrapbook!


Haven't seen the article yet? Check it out here.