Gear Bag: What's in my bag...

On any given day I can be found out and about with any combination of gear depending on the assignment that day...this is just a quick overview of some of my more often used gear... Bodies:

Nikon D3S – My main body these days...full frame and fast...and love the extended ISO range for shooting weddings and receptions!

Nikon D90 with Grip – My first DSLR now downgraded to the backup body but I still love it! We’ve been soo many places together and learned so much.

Lenses (all with lens hoods & clear filters):

Nikkor AF-S 50mm F1.4 G Lens – I fell in love with the lens the moment I got it! It was my first prime and the first chance I had to play with a wider aperture than F4. I love the low light and shallow DOF possibilities as well as the normal perspective it offers.

Nikkor 105mm F2.8 Micro AF-S VR – This is my favourite lens to play with both in macro photos and portraits. The 105mm gives a nice compression to portraits with beautiful edge to edge sharpness you only get with macro.

Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm F2.8 G Lens – this wide angle opened a whole new world of possibilities to me when working in small spaces, capturing an entire venue, or playing with perspective.

Nikon AF-S 24-70mm F2.8 G ED – probably one of my most used lenses lately as it covers my needs for most shots in small weddings and photo walks.

Nikon AF-S 70-200mm F2.8 VR II Lens – my snipper lens, or the closest I have to one, this is my lens for weddings and street photography to get me in closer or focus on a detail (like a couples hands for the ring exchange) without my subjects being so aware.

Lensbaby Composer (no lens hood or filter) – Let’s face it, this is my toy lens. With a macro filter kit, regular and creative aperture kit, and other accessories I could play with this interesting perspective for hours but it’s mostly just for play.


Nikon SB-900 – between the improvement in power and sensor sensitivity this is definitely my go to flash for most situations

Nikon SB-600 – my first flash and often commander flash


Extra battery for each body

Extra AA rechargables for flashes

LED Pen Flashlight


Epson P3000 Portable storage

Seagate 1GB portable harddrive

4 32GB CF cards

3 16GB SD cards

Cleaning Kit – Lens cloth, Lenspen, Blower

Circular polarizer – 58mm, 77mm

Conkin Filter system with ND, Diffuser 1 & 2, +3 magnification

Westcott Photo Basics 42” 5-in-1 reflector


Think Tank Retrospective Lens Changer 3 in Pine – my change on the fly bag for weddings and street photography when I need lenses handy but not much more

Lowepro Microtrekker 200 – great for hiking trips and weddings when I need more than just lenses but still need to keep things as compact as possible

Lowepro Rezo TLZ20 – Often my bag for tourist mode days

Kata FlyBy 74 – my rolling suitcase! This baby carries almost all my gear in a concise organized manner. Great for situations when I just don’t know what I will need so I need to have it all with me.

What's your gear bag look like when your shooting? Tell us about your favoite piece of equipment and why?