Happy First Day of School!

It's here...the first day of school. I don't know how the summer seems to slip away so quickly (this year without a single swim or bike ride) but parents and students accross the province are feeling a lot of things this morning.


Some families are dealing with the emotions of going to school for the first time - the excitement, the possibilities, the tears of saying goodbye, the wishing they had more days of summer together, but also the realization their little one is growing up so fast. Others the emotions of returning...the stability of the routine returning, the excitement of seeing their friends, the nerves of 'oh I wonder which teacher I got', and the concern about what this year will bring (just to name a few).


I always try to approach the school year with excitement for the opportunities before us for our children, an enthusiasm for learning, an interest in how friendships will have changed, and an appreciation of the extra time together throughout the summer. (Okay, there may also be some disappointment of having to get up and moving sooner in the mornings, a concern of how my new students drop off will go, and this year some frustration with the lack of contract and possible work to rule or strike action that I hope with everything I have never comes to pass - I want to be in the classroom not on the picket line)


This year is unique in another way for me. It is the first year since moving to London that my husband isn't here to say goodbye and see us off for the first day of school.


As per tradition - Alyssa is up an hour and a half before her alarm ( I was only up 45mins before this year), we are almost ready for school with hours to spare, and I'm fairly certain I will get to school and find I have forgotten something (hopefully not my lunch - I get hangry).


To all the families out there - I wish your children an exciting start to a fabulous year. I wish the parents a sense calmness, security, and pride as you drop your children off to school whether for the first time having a first day of school or the last of many. I wish the teachers and staff a day of excitement, re-connection, and new friendships with new students.


Happy First Day of School! P.s. - here's our first day of school selfie. Share your first day of school stories in the comments below!


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