I'm so excited! (and just can't hide it) - Meeting With Galleries

I have mentioned before the on going project that I have been working on with local artist Stephen Arthurs. I'm excited to share news that we are meeting this week to finish up our presentation package to present to art galleries in North America  and have just scheduled our first meeting with the Curator of a Gallery to discus including them on our Gallery tour launching in early 2013.  

This is an exciting but nerve racking part of the process. Approaching the galleries is one of the most important aspects of the journey. Creating the works is essential to moving forward, but, if we fail to interest galleries in our exhibition the tour moves no further than the creation stage. I am so thankful to have Stephen with me for these presentations and teaching me about the gallery process along the way.


Our Website is currently under construction but the bones are there. Check it out here - Blended Perspectives.


Watch for more news coming soon!