Impact of Attention Part 2

Some time ago I posted a note about my experience with the customer service I have been receiving from Peter Visima (eCommerce Sales Manager for Henry’s Camera). With the delivery of my printer this morning the purpose of our initial communications has come to an end, however, I feel confident saying that my friendship with Peter is just beginning. Over the past month Peter and I have communicated on an almost daily basis through phone calls, twitter, and facebook. He has ensured that I am aware of all developments in the course of my printer acquisition as soon as he is aware of them as well as how he intends to move forward from there. Along with all of this vital information Peter has continually shown a true sense of empathy for both my excitement in receiving a “new toy” and my impatience and frustration in the delays. From our conversation and our other social media postings we have begun to discus other photography related topics outside the arrival of my printer. I am excited about the new friendship we have begun to build and looking forward to meeting in person soon.

It seems a strange situation to many people that what began as a frustrated rant about a delay in receiving a product has ended in a friendship, but, why not? In today’s busy society we have become accustom to automated customer service or scripted responses that we frequently experience when contacting any large company. When real customer service becomes not the standard but the standout I am concerned about the direction our businesses are headed.