Inspiration Infusion: CreativeLive

It only seemed appropriate on my birthday to share something close to my heart. So here we go... If you know me well you around know this but if not, I have a confession.

Hello my name is Rebecca, and I have an addiction. I'm addicted to photography, business, and creative webinar based training from some of the world's best on CreativeLive.


I don't know how I discovered them, I honestly don't remember, but dozens of courses later I have a full blown addiction. I own some of the courses, I watched tons more live, and now it's my must see. I get up in the morning I check my facebook, I check my blog reader, and then I hop over to see what's on CreativeLive.


CreativeLive has introduced me to some of my new favourite people & sources of inspiration but also helped me learn from and reconnect with some of my old favourites too.


Meet a few of my favourite instructors...

- Sal Cincotta

- Jasmine Star

- Sue Bryce

- Kelly brown

- Zach & Jody Gray

- April Bowles-Olin

- Kari Chapin

- Lara Jade

- Brooke Shaden

- Tara Gentile

- Susan Stripling

- Lori Nordstrom


Why do I love CreativeLive so much?

  • amazing instructors
  • in depth teaching (most courses are 2-3 days but some are 5 full days or a video a day for 30 days!)
  • extra resources (many instructors provide downloads of their slideshows, notes, worksheets and more!)
  • interactive (you can attend classes online while they are live and ask questions of the instructor and your fellow attendees through the chatroom)


*I am a CreativeLive affiliate and any purchases made through the links above help to fund my education addiction*