Inspiration Infusion: Reign Fashion, Cast, & Crew on TV & online

As the world of TV winds down (complete with wrap party photos and upcoming season finales), I'm finally getting together an idea of my true inspirations and addictions. This year a new show has become an addiction! I hate to miss any episode of reign (even the replays, I'm that into it). Wednesday nights at 8pm this year you can bet I'm on the couch watching Reign (and tweeting with the cast and crew on commercial breaks if my cell phone has any power left from the day).

This show has captured my attention in a few ways...

1) I love a good period piece that allows you to be transported to a different way of life, helps understand where our society has come from, and includes dresses that feel feminine, elegant, and fabulous! (My most watched movie is definitely Pride & Prejudice - the Kiera Knightly version)

2) I fell in love with the Tudor period through Phillipa Gregory's books - this is a different perspective on a character that we see only briefly (Mary Queen of Scots). Much of her later life is pretty infamous, but, this shows us younger life and as she learns to be a ruling queen - it's fascinating.

3) The Reign creative team has done an amazing job in creating such a beautifully rich world for the stories of the time to take place. The sets give you the sense of grandeur of a royal palace but with the rooms, hallways, and little nooks where more intimate moments can happen. The lighting and photography gives you a real sense of time, place, and mood.

4) The Reign costume team blows my mind every time. They have taken the time to get to know the period specific clothing, they've researched Mary's well documented wardrobe, and add little touches of modern style. It channels the time but doesn't have to be completely historically accurate.

Okay, let's face it...I could go on for hours about all the reasons I love it!

The important part, it inspires me! Now what to do with the inspiration... I would love to raid the costumes of the show and go to town. I'd dress like Mary and her ladies everyday if I thought I'd get away with it. Instead, I have notebooks & sketchbooks filling quickly with the ways I can take inspiration from the show and apply it to my own work.



I can't wait for the summer to come and the creative projects to commence! I know all the inspiration I have received this year will weave their influence in my work.

Have you become addicted to Reign or another show this year? Jump down to the comments and tell me all about it!


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography






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