Inspiration Infusion - Zach & Jody Gray

Today I have the extreme privilege of introducing an amazing couple who have inspired me in photography, business and life since coming in contact with them. The one and only Zach & Jody Gray!  

Have you ever had that moment when you meet someone you've always looked up to? Maybe you watch them on TV. Maybe you've read all their books. Maybe you've been following them online for ages.

And then you meet them. You're excited. You're Nervous. You're trying to think of something smart to say or a great question to ask.


I had this experience last Spring. I was attending the Henry's Exposure Show in Toronto and headlining as a featured presentation for the weekend was this power couple. (Let me tell you I freaked a little when I found out they were going to be there. I even made my boyfriend come to the talk even though he's not a people person or people photographer but I was just so excited)


I was in awe listening to these two talk about their journey, showing their images, and giving real practical advice on achieve amazing results. Then the talk was over, people filed out of the room into the hallways, and I was left thinking...wait they're going to let me come talk to them and take pics? Sweet!


I stood in line, I got my pic taken with the beautiful couple and figured that was that. I wondered off for a few mins, but then I swung back around. To my amazement, the crowd had thinned out but both Zach & Jody were still there chatting with other attendees.

I hung out a little longer and then it happened. Jody was done chatting, saw me standing to the side, came over to me, put out a hand and introduced herself. We stood and chatted for a few mins about the show, some tips, and the fact that she recognized my face as being familiar from online.

This is one amazing couple! They are just as genuine, warm, down to earth, and maybe a little quirky as you see in every video, blog post, or conversation.


5 things that I love about Zach & Jody:

  1. The are totally down to earth approachable people! - I mean they've won titles, they are well known, they are coveted photographers but in person, if you didn't already know, you'd never guess these two are the photography stars they are.
  2. They are open and honest. - Through their blog, their social media, their videos....these two share a little bit of who they are as people, as a couple, and as photographers everyday.
  3. They know their stuff. - These two know what they are talking about. Ask them about lighting. Ask them about posing. Ask them about business or marketing. They know what they are doing and why!
  4. They're mostly self taught like me! - These two didn't start out with fancy photography degrees. They started out with a love of photography, an idea, and the determination to see it through.
  5. They love to share. - These two share what they know everywhere they can. Blog posts, Videos, Email Newletters, Workshops, Webinars, DVD's, consultations, and more...they don't withhold their stories, their successes, or their learning moments.


When I look at this power couple I see the type of photographer I aspire to be. Someone who's warm, open, and friendly. Someone clients can relate to and understand.


At the same time these two are superstars. Playing with point of view, props, and manipulating light to make stand out images.


To see more of their work and get to know them better like I have visit them at Zach & Jody Photography.


*Huge thanks going out to Zach & Jody for lending me some of their beautiful images for this post (see more on and being so open to letting me write about them today. All the best on the addition of Baby Gray!