Introducing Friday Favourites...

Time for a new weekly feature and fun post. (Don't worry, I know it's not Friday but I totally wanted to start this feature this week so I'm introducing it today and the first installment of Friday Favourite will go live tomorrow)


Each Friday I'm excited to start bringing you my Friday Favourites. A collection of 5 (or more) of my favourite things from the week. It could be blogs I've read, photos I've taken, books I read or more! But this isn't all about me. I want you to join in too...hope into the comments each Friday and share with me your thoughts on my picks as well as your Friday favourites. I love learning about what kind of things you are loving right now!


Make sure to connect with me on social media so we can keep in touch - I can't wait to chat with you more!


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...and stay tuned for the first dose of Friday Favourites coming to you tomorrow!

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