Introducing My Personal Blog - Artistic Mama

Are you one of those people who love not just learning from but also about the professionals you're working with? If you're anything like me you want to know more, you want to see what people are really like...what do they do in their spare time? Where does their passion lie? What are their values in their personal life?

I find that the more I feel like I know the person, the more comfortable I am working with someone and the better the results I get from them.

In order to accommodate the new direction for my company blog here at I have removed many of the more personal posts about friends, family, hobbies, and everyday experiences. I do want to continue to grow my blog here for my current, potential, and past clients (plus their friends and family) but I want to share my life too. For this exact reason, I have created a personal blog (Artistic Mama) at I admit, it may be slow getting started (and likely less consistent then the business blog) but this personal blog will be one I write for me, for family & friends, and for my awesome readers who want to know me better.

Feel free to stop by either blog anytime, and comment away! I love to hear your thoughts, questions, and stories too!