Introducing Photo Fun Fridays - Inspiration, Tutorials, and Questions Answered the end of the day it boils down to one thing for all of us. We want to take the best possible photos and we want to look good when someone takes a photo of us. It's on this idea that Photo Fun Fridays is introduced to the blog. Not a traditional post about the basic techniques in an abstract way, this post answers questions from you on how to improve your photos and how to overcome obstacles to looking your best in photos taken of you.

On a weekly basis you will find explanations, opinions, tutorials and videos to help answer questions received from viewers like you! Once a month in place of the usual post I will take a moment to share some of my photography inspiration both through images and introductions to photographers whom I admire.

Some of my recent favourites, inspirations, and ideas to try can be found on my pinterest "Photography Inspiration" Board - take a look!

I hope you'll join me on this adventure and send in your questions by facebook, twitter, email (, or in the comments of this page so I can start sharing my knowledge and learning together!