Introducing Wedding Wednesdays

Good morning! I'm so excited to present Wedding Wednesday! As some of you may already know, I'm slightly Wedding addicted. I love planning, photographing, reading about, and attending weddings. A few years back I had to make a choice of whether to pursue my photography or delve into the world of Wedding Planning. I am thrilled with the decision I made but I could never quite get the weddings out of my mind. While pursuing my business in photography (with a focus on weddings of course), I have also made a hobby of reading wedding magazines and following professionals online - building up resources, inspiration, and local contacts in the wedding industry. I enjoy sharing all of these with my clients as we working together and now I'm excited to start sharing them with you in my weekly Wedding Wednesday posts.

With the wide variety of inspiration from simple backyard DIY weddings to grand ballrooom affairs you have every opportunity to make your weddings day truly unique in many ways.

Tune in every week to see some of my favourite articles, tips from wedding pros, visual inspiration, and the trends in the wedding industry. From wedding day fashions & themes to tips for smooth, stylish wedding days you can look forward to great wedding information and inspiration every week!

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