It's Here! It's Here! Let the Printing Begin!

I’m in Love! So I went on to and posted a review of my new printer (the Epson Stylus Pro 4900) which said:

“I have had this printer only a few days and I love it already. Only downside is when using thick papers such as Epson's Hot Press or Cold Press papers the front manual feed slot isn't as easy to line up as the paper cassette, or the rear manual feed slot but I'm sure with a little more practice this will become a breeze too (and you only have to use it for the really thick stuff 0.8 or more so it's not an everyday issue). The colours, quality, speed, and flexibility of this item still rate it high on my list of favourite products! I'm working through a whole variety of paper product sample packs to find my favourites for every type of project. As of yet I haven't gotten to play with the roll papers as of yet but I have big plans when we add those into the mix. The posters, banners, and unique sizes it will allow definitely excites me! Worth the price in every way. We moved up from the Epson 1400 and just in ink prices alone for equal amounts of ink for both printers (by volume) the savings in one set of 200ml inks vs. equivalent volume of ink pays for the regular price of the printer. If you're doing allot of printing, don't pass this one by without a serious investigation!”

While I felt that definitely did the trick on the Henry’s site, now that I have had more of an opportunity to play with the printer I had a few more things to share about it from my own experience and the advice of others I’ve talked to:

• With the LCD screen on the printer it has never been easier to change settings, solve problems, or figure out what the heck you are supposed to be doing next on the printer

• This printer comes with a set of manuals beautifully packaged but better yet, they are actually useful, easy to read and straightforward. It’s a rare occasion to find such a thing with any kind of technology.

• The printer accepts roll papers, cut sheets in the high capacity paper cassette as well as the front and rear manual feeders. And multiple of these can be loaded at the same time. You can have Premium Lustre in the cassette, semi-matte on the roll and decide to print onto exhibition fibre through the manual feeder without removing any of the other media. Hooray!

• There are a plethora of paper options available to use with it and I want them all! So many great weights, textures and tones that suit such a wide variety of photos. Step outside the printer brand and nail down some different papers you love through trial and error...that’s what sample packs are made for! (and yes I chose some papers outside the Epson line of papers for special projects but came back to them for my regular papers – premium lustre and semi-matte papers – but more on that in an upcoming post)

• The printer doesn’t have a special stand but needs something sturdy to sit on – we built ours but a larger kitchen island, or cabinet would be suitable

• When the printer says low ink you still have lots of prints before you hit empty but most places don’t carry the inks so order them early

• If you should have to call for any support from Epson – they don’t automatically treat you like you’re and idiot...none of this “did you make sure it’s plugged in and turned on?” type of response. Just clear step by step guidance. So refreshing!

Is that all this printer has to offer? No way! I will surely be sharing more info as I try out new functions along the way!