Link Of The Week - The Social Media Examiner

Now anyone who knows me knows that two of my addictions are reading and the internet so as you might guess with the infinite resources available on the internet I could easily spend all day everyday reading. One of my top sites to read lately has been The Social Media Examiner (link). This site has interesting, informative (but not overly lengthy) articles, videos, and online resources for anything a you could ever need to know about social media. Yes much of it is geared towards social media marketing for businesses but it’s also the place I learned to use twitter. Over the past month I have been dedicating my time to setting up facebook, twitter, linked in, and four square accounts (you tube is coming soon) to give me more opportunities to talk to you and become part of the online conversation. Through this journey The Social Media Examiner has definitely been my guide through the many options. Take a moment to poke around and see what you can learn!