Living in the Present - Motivation Monday


I don't know about you but on any given day I have a list of regrets from the past and goals for the future that I carry around with me.


If only I had done... If only I hadn't said.... If I had just tried to... When I get... When I tick off this goal...


Someday's it is so hard to stay focused on the hear and now.


Now, I'm not debating the power of goals or the importance of regrets if you have done something wrong but, where you are standing right now is a result of goals you set and may or may not have achieved. Why shouldn't you enjoy it, live it, and be present?


Where you are standing right now will be the moment you may soon regret for something you did or didn't do. So do it!


A goal can wait a few hours or days and I don't know about you but, I would rather regret something I tried and didn't work out instead of something I didn't have the guts to try.


Will you be present today? How will you be present? Tell me in the comments below!