Springbank Park Engagement Session - Lujain and Vince

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When I first met these two, they seemed so quiet and shy.


It didn't take long to find out that even with an 'electrifying' personality like his - Vince was often the strong silent type but when he looked at Lujain it was a different story. He may not have said much, but you can be sure there was love there. Why else would he have agreed to engagement portrait (when he doesn't love photos) and even braving potential spiders (something they both hate) to put a smile on her face?


Now don't go thinking it's all one sided here...Lujain's love for Vince is just as evident. From the way she loves seeing even the tiniest of smiles cross his face to the way she loves leaving lipstick on his cheek. These two have found their other half.


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I couldn't help falling in love with this couples love for each other, their nervous laughter, and their willingness to try anything (as long as I did a quick spider check first).


I can't wait to share their wedding day too!



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Now it's time to turn it over to Lujain & Vince and hear about their love story in their own words...



We have been dating since September 12, 2011

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We met at a friend's bonfire. Vince spent most of the night changing the music on the radio, which helped spark the first conversation. Lujain was jokingly insulting Vince's "DJ skills". From there we became quick friends and aneven better couple.

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Vince: When we went on our first camping trip to the pinary on the dunes. As usual we were running late and began setting up the tent after dark. I couldnt help but to notice how well we work together and no matter how frustrating the task may be, we work through it and make an enjoyable memory of it. I found myself wishing for a lifetime of weekends like that one.
Lujain: I don't know if there was a single moment that I can say I knew Vince was the one. Vince is just someone who part takes in all my adventures and schemes. When we went for a walk in Springbank park when we were first getting to know each other. He helped me walk the dogs and we spent the whole time laughing and talking. We ended the night on the swings and lost track of time. It was the first time I felt like someone actually was listenng to me. Other moments would be when we make people around us just crack up. He annoys me and makes me laugh all at the same time. I love him.

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Vince : My favourite thing about lujain is her drive to help others even when it is no easy task. she always makes you feel like a priority.
Lujain: My favorite thing about Vince is his passion. He will never do a task half assed, from cutting the grass , to fixing the roof, to taking care of me when I'm hurt. Vince is always dedicated and takes pride in everything he does.

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We love to fish, hunt, skydive, ride the motorcycles, play with our dogs, climb things we probably shouldn't and binge watch tv with pizza in our laps.

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Vince hates getting his picture taken, so the fact that he is willing to do this because it makes me happy, shows you what a great guy he is. Plus it's kind of fun pushing him out of his comfort zone and sharing how handsome he is :)