Meeting Scott Kelby at "Light It, Shoot it, Retouch it" Toronto

Another day, another way overdue blog entry. I am working to catch up on all the blog entries I have partially completed on the computer or on assorted pieces of paper scattered across the office of my small studio. Today, I am excited to be writing about and relieving one of the highlights of my summer...Scott Kelby's "Light It, Shoot it, Retouch it" Live teaching tour stop in Toronto. Now being from the Niagara area and now living in the London, Ont. area, driving in downtown Toronto has never been a highlight of my days. I was thrilled with my plan to park in Burlington and let the Go train take me where I needed to go. Why was I so pleased you may ask? (even if you didn’t you're going to find out anyways) 1. it was alot cheaper than driving 2. it was a lot less stressful than driving (and trying to find parking) in downtown TO 3. I got to catch up on some reading (on this particular trip David Ziser's "Captured by the Light") 4. I saw areas I normally wouldn’t have traveled through, and perspectives I wouldn't have noticed both on the train and off (most of the following images would never have happened otherwise) 5. especially after the seminar was over, it really gave me time to relax and process all the information I had learned that day

I couldn`t help but take a photo of this iconic skyscraper with some nice cloud effects happening

Getting back to the point of the day...Scott. Well, if you have read my blog before you know I'm already a huge Scott Kelby & Kelby training fan. I read his blog daily, I'm a NAPP member, and love learning from Scott and his talented collegues on and Needless to say I was pumped from the day I got my ticket and I was far from the only one. I thought that seeing as I was almost 30mins early for registration that I would have some time to relax. Nope, should have known better. I arrived to find quite a long line had already formed just to be able to check in. The great thing about lines though, you meet some really interesting people. I took this time to sit on the floor and chat with my neighbours (yes I am that odd person who sits down in the middle of a line but only when I know there is no chance of it moving in the near future). Once they started registering people and handing out packages the line moved - full credit to the kelby crew, you know how to fly through the lineups with efficiency and still not make it feel too rushed.

An interesting perspective to play with in the Skywalk from Union Station to the Metro Convention centre in TO (unfortunately construction on the left stopped me from getting the shot I really wanted)

Once I was in and found a seat I buckled in for a great day. I wasn't disappointed! Scott and his trusty sidekick Brad rocked the house along with the wonderful (and friendly) models, and guest Terry White who was sitting just a few rows ahead of me. Even better, every break (even half of his lunch) Scott spent on stage taking photos, shaking hands, signing books, and answering questions. I got to go up and speak to him twice (once to introduce myself and we have had a few interactions on twitter and his kelbytv shows, and a second time realizing this was the only chance I was going to have in the near future to have my photo taken with someone I admire so much). The whole room throughout the whole day was a buzz...there was so much to soak in that if it wasn't for the well written handbook with diagrams I would have felt completely overwhelmed. But, if you flipped through the guide a little, and wrote down the things Scott specifically said "write this down cause its not in your book" you knew you were going home with a resource worth what you paid for the whole day. Honestly though, Scott could have charged another $100 for the Scott Kelby comedy show. Every time he had a model up on stage with him he was trying to quickly demonstrate the proper lighting and equipment setup options, how to work with a model, and get some images to use for the retouching session his hilarious sense of humour came out and the models had a very difficult time keeping a straight face (including an episode of Austin Powers style photography that ended with Scott taking photos of himself not the model before he pulled himself back to the task at hand)

(me and Scott - totally bad photo with my little point and shoot camera by whoever was next in line but it`s still a photo of me with Scott )

I left the seminar not feeling like I had been working or learning (other than the spinning in the back of my head while my brain tried to process and store all the info Scott passed along) but more like I had spent a day out with a friend who just happened to be interested in photography. It was fantastic!

That being said I do have a few suggestions for next time Scott's in town...spend more time here! Toronto loves you, Canada loves you! Add more dates for your tours in Canada and if at all possible lets get some photo walk style days going too where we can sign up to be your entourage and tour the city taking photos with you and learning hands on.

All and all it was a fantastic day! I`m still psyched just thinking about it!

I love the mood and texture of these arches in Union Station, TO