Moments & Memories - My First Camera

Every Photographer remembers the day they knew they had been bit by the photography bug. Most can even tell you the camera that was a part of that experience. For me, I was bit by the bug multiple times (because apparently I was being a little too thick as a child to realize I should be focusing on and following that passion instead of trying to do the things my friends were).  

I was bit when we made our first shoe box pin hole camera in school.

I was bit when I got my first camera that was all my own.

I was bit when my grandfather's camera was passed on to me.

I was bit when I got my first Polaroid camera.

I was bit when my friend placed a Nikon SLR in my hand on the fields at my high school.

And, I was definitely bit (repeatedly) after my daughter was born.


Sadly, It took that many bites before I finally paid attention.

I look back on so many of these moments and just think "wow...why didn't I listen sooner?"


Now, years later, I sit thinking about the steps to get here. I think about the moments that stand out most.

Surprisingly, the first one to pop out in my neon pink 110 film cartridge camera. It was small. It was bright. It had no controls other than the shutter & wind. But, to me it was freedom! It was just mine and I could use it to capture anything I wanted.

I think I will forever remember that camera and that feeling.


Now, my question for you....What are you passionate about? What do you remember most about being bit by the bug?

Tell me all about it in the comments below!


Yours Enthusiastically Rebecca - Rebecca Nash Photography






London's Rebecca Nash is the London, Ontario based Creative Director & Photographic Artist behind Rebecca Nash Photography. She takes her emotional, elegant, artistic, and whimsical style and applies them to every portrait, wedding, or fine art experience she provides her London, Ontario photography clients.

"I believe every person’s story is different, every person is unique, and no two relationships are the same - this means no two photo shoots are the same. I thrive on the opportunity to create stunning images for amazing people all around me while giving them an experience they'll remember for a lifetime. Each client is trusting me with the opportunity to know their story, share their story, and help them in celebrating life and love in art." - Rebecca Nash