Mompreneur Moments: It's all about your support system!

Okay so this was not the blog I had planned to write for today but when I sat down to write my mompreneur moments post for this week all I could think about was my wonderful friends near and far who have been helping me through a stressful and unsure few weeks/months in terms of my business (and personal life, let’s face it the holidays are nutty!).  

Last Monday in my weekly Mom Biz Mondays twitter party (#mombizmondays at 10pm on Mondays with hosts @mombizcoach @biztrainher @timeoutmom @mombizretreat) we were talking about the difference between the support we receive from spouses and family members and the support we receive from our gal pals. (If you haven't joined us for the twitter party I strongly recommend you do...I took a chance and now it's the one night I do stay up past 10...but I digress) While both are insanely important to our mental health and our ability to make our businesses a success it seems our gal pals really seem to get what we’re trying to accomplish in our businesses more than our spouses and family members.

I give a lot of credit to my spouse, Ross, even when he has no idea what the heck I’m doing or why, he does his very best to support me at all times. There are days however that this support just isn’t quite enough (sorry hunny), and I need to turn to my gal pals, especially my online tribe of other moms, entrepreneurs, and photographers who really just get it! They understand the daily trials and tribulations of running a family and business at the same time. Even more so, they want to help! I have never once had one of these fabulous ladies turn and say “sorry I can’t help my competition”. We just don’t see it that way! We are all genuinely interested in helping each other be successful in anything any of the ladies are trying to pursue.


Some of these ladies are just starting out like me, others are a further down the road to their definition of success but we all have something to contribute to each other! Come out and join us on Monday nights on twitter, or send me a message and let me introduce you to some of these fantastic ladies! I assure you, it’s worth the effort!