Mompreneur Moments: Mission Organize and Label Everything! (Part 1)

Okay, last week I talked about implementing systems in my business to allow others to be able to jump in and help out when I'm away or ill. This is all fine and dandy (and still high on my priority list) but when I attempted to start this task this week I found an even bigger task that needs tackling first.  

As a mom and an entrepeneur, I'm constantly multitasking and unfortunately at the end of a full day of multitasking mania, the house and office come out looking worse than when I set out. Today it occurs to me there is a reason. Did I come to this conclusion all on my own? No...I was doing my weekly grocery shopping with coupons in hand when I saw the magazines lined up at the front cash registers. Normally I pay little or no attention to these magazines unless it's an exceptionally long line up at the cash, but, today something caught my eye "The Best of Martha Stewart Living - ORGANIZING". Well hello, my brain is such a mess most days and my home reflects it. This must be a sign right? So I pick it up and begin to thumb through it, getting inspired page by page, when all of a sudden I'm up. So I throw the magazine on the pile of stuff awaiting the cash register and think nothing of it.


Now tonight I finally sat down with the magazine and, no surprise, I now want to reorganize the whole house! I know I don't have the time or money to redo and reorganize the house the way I wish I could but surely I can find time to make a few small changes around here right?


Change #1 - The Linen Closet


Before: All Queen Fitted sheets in one pile, queen flat sheets in another beside it, and matching pillowcases in a pile beside that. One shelf down is the same setup for doubles. Above the queens sheets all towels, faceclothes etc


Now: Each matching set of fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases goes inside one of the pillow cases. There's a stack of queens and another of doubles. Now all of a sudden I have extra space available to sort the towels out neatly and even if my other half or 5 year old decides to help out and change a bed, the entire set of matching pieces is in easy reach.


One organization task down, about ten million more to go but it's a start right? Now that I've accomplished something in the name of organization I'm ready to tackle bigger challenges like the kitchen cupboard, my 5 year old's closet and even the dreaded office organization! This is only part one, and there will be a part two (and maybe 3, 4, 5...) with more great ideas and how I made it work in my home.


Do you have a great organization tip? Share it now! I'm all ears to hear what works for you!