Mompreneur Moments: Mission Organize and Label Everything! (Part 2)

So last week I began the mission to get my house and my office organized.If you missed part one check it out here. I'm taking small steps and using great tips from "The Best of Martha Stewart Living - ORGANIZING" to get the house organized in a way that helps declutter and make maintaining the organization something that the whole family can help me to do.  

Last week I started with the Linen Closet and the many (probably too many) sets of sheets we have for the beds in our house. It was a small, simple task but it made a big difference.


This week one of my biggest tasks comes from peeking into the storage areas of our home. The realization? They're overflowing with stuff! And that stuff is 90% mine and my daughter's and not being used. Based on this realization...this weeks task is to get through it all sorting as I go into three categories - keep, donate, or sell. Once eveything is sorted the donations can be dropped off, the items to keep can be organized, and the ones to sell can be taken down to the local Once Upon A Child Store to sell.


Once I started to pull out the items I was overwhelmed - firstly, where am I going to sort this stuff? There's a ton of it and I need space to spread it out! I took a moment to flip through the calendar for the week and discovered none of the meetings for this week occur in my studio space. Bingo! We have a space! The second issue, how am I going to get myself to part with my daughter's baby clothes, toys, etc. I was completely overwhelmed with nostalgia and emotion looking through those items that it seems only yesterday she was wearing. How did my baby grow up so fast?


After I got through the emotion of it all, it was a somewhat enjoyable task. I was clearing out space, donating to those less fortunate, and being about to get a few bucks back from the items my daughter has outgrown to put towards the things she needs and wants now.


At the end of the day I ended up with:


4 rubbermaid tubs of things to keep

3 Green Garbage bags of things to donate

10 rubbermaid tubs of things to sell


Oh my goodness! I can't believe it's done! By far this has been the most difficult task I've had to do in a very long time but I'm glad I did it! While I was already donating I took a few mins to go through my daughters current wardrobe, and my own, to get rid of the items we don't use.


Next big tasks to tackle - a new organization system for my daughter's room, our kitchen, and the office. It's going to be a wild ride but I know it will be worth it.


What's your biggest organizational challenge at home or work?