Mompreneur Moments: My First Juried Art Show!

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to participate in my first ever Juried Art show. What an experience! I was thilled to have both of my pieces accepted into The 7th Annual Juried Minature Show and Sale. This was almost a test run and first exposure to the gallery experience.  

Being  the first time I had ever submitted work for any type of show I was nervous. What if I pick the wrong pieces? What if they reject them both? I had to step back and start at the beginning. Step 1 - fill out the form. Sweet! I can do that and do it successfully. Now with one step completed I'm a little more optomistic. The next challenge is choosing the images.


Choosing the images for this show was a new challenge because not only was this my first show but, it is also a miniture show with maximum dimensions of 3inches by 4 inches. After reviewing my images, I selected four contenders and printed them all at the miniture size to view them. After seeing the images at the smaller size the choices seemed clear. The images I chose to show were...





I chose these images as images which quality and detail were not lost in the small size but would also have the opportunity to create conversation. By selecting one urban image and one more abstract image I also had an opportunity to showcase different elements of my photography.


The opening reception came and I was overwhelmed by the number of people in attendance. It was a packed house all evening and people just kept pouring in. We attended and, while conversing over to the side with others in attendance, had the opportunity to overhear and observe the reaction of attendees to our pieces. During the course of the exhibition I also had the opportunity to welcome and receive feedback from my parents, my spouses parents, and my friend and collaborator Stephen Arthurs.


By the end of the exhibition I knew this was a perfect event to introduce my work to the community and myself to the gallery scene. I look forward to participating in many more juried exhibitions in the future!