Mompreneur Moments - On the wings of a butterfly

In past weeks I have discussed balancing work and family, unplugged family time, the importance of a support system, and family activities. This past weekend I had the opportunity to bring a number of this items together.

(Alyssa immersed in watching the butterflies fly by)

As a family we traveled to the Niagara area. We had the opportunity to spend the evening with my family on Saturday, and spent the day with my spouse's mother traveling to meet some of the extended family, but, before we spent time with the families - we put our family first and took the time to visit the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory.

(Alyssa realized it's hard to take a photo with a butterfly on top)

While visiting the conservatory I had the good fortune to have my Blackberry battery die. Good fortune? Yes! While I normally relish being completely connected everywhere I go - this unintentional disconnect was such a blessing. I regularly carry my blackberry on my hip and have difficulty ignoring incoming messages. I don't think I realized how much this interefered with my ability to focus on anything.

(Usually this wings up view is the only one I'm fast enough to capture of of my favorite butterfly the Blue Morpho)

If you ever needed a good reason to disconnect consider this - in the hour and a half we spent at the conservatoy I managed to not only take some photos I am proud of but made some small, medium, and large deposits to my daughter's love bank (learn more about the love bank here - thanks to TimeOutMom). At the end of the day we all left happy and more connected to each other than when we went in.

(a quick snap shot of an injured blue morpho butterfly Alyssa found resting)

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