Mompreneur Moments: Peekaboo Beans is peeking at me

So a little while back I arrived home to a suprise package! I have been in contact with the lovely Vicky Bisson for a few months now thanks to the weekly #mombizmondays chat on twitter that we both participate in. Not only is Vicky a wonderful woman, a teacher, a mom, but she's also a play stylist from Peekaboo Beans. For those of you who haven't heard of it before you're likely thinking what the heck is a "play stylist" and what is "peekaboo beans"? Let me take a moment to explain this...


Let's start with Peekaboo Beans. Peekaboo Beans is an awesome company created by a mom around the importance of play. We all know that Play is extremely important to the growth and development of young children, but, Peekaboo Beans looks at the practical aspects. We always love to see our munchkins in adorable clothes but often those cute outfits are just far too fussy for play time - the buttons, zippers, snaps, etc - all just get in the way! Think about it, are you more comfortable and relaxed in a button up shirt or a cotton tee shirt? Now there's a great option for kids that combines the cute and comfy with easy care too! Find out more about the company and their philosophy on their about page.


So where do you find these adorable items? You contact your play stylist Vicky! She sets up a time to chat, helps you learn about the company & products, and then sets up a date for your soiree! This is the home shopping experience of kids clothing! Invite your friends over, check out some super adorable clothes, spend time visiting with other moms (kids in tow optional!) or turn it into a morning playdate for the whole family. Your play stylist is you host, your information source, and the fashion stylist to your child's fun, creativity, and play!


With that info out of the way let's get back to my box! So of course making dinner had to go on hold until I could open the box and see what's inside (I'm totally a little kid at christmas over here). Below is a photo of what I found.


The box was my virtual soiree in a box! My friends and family are spread far and wide so when Vicky and I began talking about me hosting a soiree I was a little hesitant - could I really get enough people together or find a date that would work out? Instead we opted for a virtual soiree! Vicky sent me all the materials I needed to do my virtual soiree (catologues, order forms, & more) plus some cute samples so I could get my hands on the actual product to be able to talk about what it looks like, how it feels, and more.


Inside the purple folder was all the info I needed including a sweet personal note with excitment in working together on this. I was impressed with the presentation and organization of all the info. It all looked cute and even my daughter was diving in wanting to know what it all was. My next fabulous thought was oh my goodness with all these cute clothes and beautiful catologues I may need to get a second job just to pay for all the clothes I'm going to be buying!


Here are some of the adorable samples that came in my box




(Left to Right: )


Of course we always love to visit with family and friends but now I have opportunities to get free stuff, half price items, and other goodies for hosting the soiree. Hello awesomeness! For the month of April spend $150 and get a free girls 'bubblicious skirt' or boys 'you rule zip up' absolutely free! Check out some other great perks for hosting a soiree on Vicky's site.


Still can't get enough? There's great options for joining the team and becoming a play stylist yourself! Believe me when you get this stuff in your hands you're going to love it, so, why not share your love with the world? It's easy to get started and gives you the ability to set your own schedule that meets your needs while making a little extra cash (or new products for your child's wardrobe).


To find out more about peekaboo beans, hosting a soiree, & the benefits of being a play stylist contact Vicky at 613-218-6699,  or by email at You can also like her on facebook and follow her on twitter to keep up to date on all the last products, promotions, and contests.


Keep an eye out for a full product review coming soon (as soon as I can figure out what Alyssa wants and get it all ordered!) Can't wait to see what I have to say? Take a moment to stop by and read other client testimonials.