Mompreneur Moments: Prepping the family for going away

Okay the countdown is on and one question that has popped up in some of the online groups has been around getting our kids ready for us to be away. Some have infants, others older children. For some it's the first time leaving their child, for others this is one of many.  

I'm in the later category. This is not my first time away or my longest but my daughter seems to be having a more difficult time with it this time. Hugging constantly, kissing me every 10 mins, touching, following me if I even leave the room. She's not herself so we are planning ahead even more this time. We created a packing list, packed her clothes, and packed mine together. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to improve. We set up ways to communicate anytime (email), a schedule for when I will come back, and some great things to look forward to, but boost in her mood or reactions so this time we started something new.


When I was little, anytime my parents went away I had a photo of them I took with me wherever we were staying. In looking for solutions we have taken this old family tradition and added a new one.

Above are Alyssa's letters & pictures for each day that I'm away. All sealed and packed in my suitcase for me to open each day. Below, my letters to her for each day I'm away. Quick simple notes reminding her of what I'm doing, and that I love her. It's nothing fancy but it gives her a little something from me to open and read with my parents everyday.

What do you do to help your child(ren) cope when you're away?