Mompreneur Moments - The Business starts and stops with me

So as I mentioned on Monday, this week has been a week of appointments. Due to some odd symptoms I spent the majority of the day Monday and Tuesday at the hospital undergoing a variety of tests. After being given a more or less clean bill of health I'm back at it today but I came to a realization over the last two days of just how important systems are becoming to my business.  

Over the course of the weekend my website has also experienced some issues on the end of my hosting company. I was eager all weekend to be able to get back to work on my website as it is the backbone of the few systems I do have in place. With the website only partially functioning the majority of inquiries come in by phone and email to me personally. Let me tell you, sitting in urgent care where I had no access to my phone or email, I was going nuts! I knew I wasn't in any shape to be trying to manage the business and needed to take some downtime to recuperate but it was driving me nuts. I was fortunate to have a supportive spouse (who happened to be off work thank goodness) who was able to help out with driving me to appointments, taking care of my daughter, and all the household stuff that comes along with a busy family. However when it comes to my business...well he has the best of intentions but it just isn't set up for anyone else to do.


This really made me think about things. What if I was to get ill, or have my spouse or daughter get ill or injured? I wouldn't be able to get in the office to run my business and couldn't ask anyone around me to jump in and help. So, starting this week, I'm starting "the book" this book will essentially be the manual of all the must do's in my business. it will include procedures for estimates, answers to the most frequently asked question, details of suppliers and regular orders, where to find the appointments, and more. This will mean that should someone have to jump in to help they would have at their fingertips the majority of the info to reschedule appointments and respond to basic inquiries. What about you? Are you a mompreneur? Do you have systems in place if you're unable to be in your business? I'd love to hear about it!