Mompreneur Moments: The terror of being in front of the camera

Wow with a headline like that I could go off on a million different tangents, but, I won't today. As anyone who follows me on twitter or facebook already knows, I'm in the process of a rebranding. It's a crazy and exciting journey to make sure my branding, website, and promotional materials really reflect this crazy person. As part of the process I decided it was finally time to step in front of the camera again and update my profile picture (the old one is 3 years old after all).

(current profile pic)


I decided I wanted something that would reflect the new branding and also give me the softer appearence and warmth that people seem to love about my 'quirky' personality. When it came time to take the shots, I turned first to my spouse and photographer Ross Emerson of Emerson Photography. I fully admit, the session was perhaps not as planned out as I might have liked. Normally I go into every shoot with a vision of how I want things to turn out and what I'm going to do and how to achieve the look I'm aiming for, however, this time I didn't even plan the location out! It was just somewhere we happened to stop while out and about in Stratford.

A few weeks prior Ross and I had made the trip out to Stratford and done some shooting. It's a beautiful place (although admittedly more so in the good weather when everything is a little more green).

From this previous trip we selected the bridge as a possible venue for a few reasons. Firstly, there was some cool grafitti under the bridge that would stand out behind me. Secondly, on our drive out there we had beautiful bright overcast skies but by the time we arrived in early afternoon the clouds were gone and we now had harsh sunlight causing dark raccon like shadows under my eyes.

Now I have the images and can't decide which one I like or if they're even a good style for the new site so I'm asking for you assistance. What are your thoughts and impressions from the images? Also which one's your favorite?